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  1. Hey guys, I've been gone for sometime and wanted to come back to gaming and start up my team again. Now i'm looking for a good web designer to help me out, so if you know anyone who can help me out let me know here. Thanks
  2. hey kirk remember me? lol ya rush was telling me that don shut it down and rush joined up with us about a few weeks ago so if your interested go to thewarriorsclan.net
  3. ya sorry yesterday i was high didnt know what i was typing... but anyways cod waw is still getting boring bottom line
  4. Which Century do you live in..? WaW has Fully Auto SMG's, & SICK Sniper Rifles too.!! ;D Well thats true but do you see anyone shooting a M4 or a M60 i dont think so lol
  5. lol i was trying to say its getting old and boring cod 4 is just more modern and has weapons of this century
  6. WaW is outdated now i think, i never play it, and i went back to Cod4 and waiting for MW2. Also cant wait till MAG looks pretty sweet
  7. im that guy? lol more local then me out here in Oregon!! ;D ya true i only wish you lived in CL then you would be a rich man and i would be a happy man! =]
  8. nice... ya thats no where near me, other side of the state lol but ya thats pretty cool
  9. ya dude i see what your saying i live like an hour away from Chicagoso on the eastern side of IL...and yea elgin is close to me. why would you quit its just so... amazing
  10. Inadub if you lived near me i would come to your house everyday to buy from you
  11. hell ya today is gonna be a blast! hope everyone has a good trip

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