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  1. Paramedic you have an interesting opinion and with this statement "This community needs integrity and support from everyone here." Is really the root of the issue. Isn't the alleged "snooping" a violation of that integrity? I have never had a problem with UF or any of it's owners/administrators in the 6 years I have been here, including Shane. It is unfortunate that maybe he let human nature take over when this incident occurred. I think that if he had immediately or shortly thereafter spoke to Johnny and let him know what had happened we wouldn't be having this thread, there would have been no need for an apology! But it's the fact that nothing was said until he was aware that he was discovered that this apology came to light..somewhere in the neighborhood of a week and a half to two weeks...that is the issue. I think that I have voiced my opinion on this enough and unless I am attacked, it's a dead issue for me at this point. I do hope that UF can do something to bring this community back to the fun gaming community that it has been in the past!
  2. Bottom line...he should have just told Johnny immediately..especially since he knew he shouldn't be there!!!
  3. My wife doesn't wear panties..she goes commando!!!! You guys both have interesting opinions. AS to snipers comment about first phase of are far from the truth. In the context of what I wrote it is not slander and, if it was, it would have to harm his reputation with lies...which of course what went on here is not lies!!! I for one am not up on the inner workings of computers and sites and don't know what the admins could or could not have done but should they really have had too do those things that you say they could do?? I mean, Johnny put his trust in Shane to fix the issues that they were having with the site...not to snoop around!! Lastly, what is being overlooked here is the fact that this incident happened several weeks ago....where was the apology then??? I certainly would have been more forgiving if he came right out shortly after his indiscretion, but that is not what happened here. This only came about because now he knew that Johnny did catch him with his fingers in the cookie jar. In fact, it is my opinion that if he thought he got away with his snooping I am sure this apology would never be here! Mike like you said you have "bashing" UF posts on your site and don't care if he reads them when he is in there or not, if you are ok with that then that is up to you...I don't care that he read the post per se, if he asked me I would have sent him a copy, I am pissed at HOW he went about reading the posts!! It's sneaky and underhanded and completely wrong!! He knows it's wrong!!! That is what the problem is here!!! Where is the trust??? Believe me, I really don't want to be going back and forth on this...I am stating my opinion and that is all!! Some may have differing opinions than mine and not like what I posted, that is fine. Like you I am entitled to my opinion as well!!!
  4. I wonder how long it will be before all of LPK is locked out of UF??? I also am curious to find out if the aforementioned breach constitutes a criminal act!! Shane I am truly disappointed by your actions. Having been a member of UF for so many years, and with the morals that the whole community tries to portray of trust and integrity, I never thought you or any of your predecessors would commit such an unconscionable act of violating anyone's right to privacy as you have done!!! To me this in unforgivable!!! You may not care what I think but if you don't have integrity then you don't have squat!!!
  5. Ya mine froze up immediately after the update. After I shut down and restarted it was fine but I really haven't been on much. Will check again today.
  6. This one was awesome and my favorite!!!
  7. You wouldn't be having this problem if you had a REAL phone!!!!! iPhone of course!!!!!
  8. Glad I'm not the only one this happens too!!! The part in the video when they say the bullets curve looked like me the other day..10 feet behind a concrete wall of a building and getting hit!!! Must be boom-a-rang bullets!!!
  9. Come on know it's just because WE are annoying!!!
  10. Sorry meant to put this in General section...don't know how to move it!!!
  12. Re-Make them all for PS3!!!