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  1. As I dont game much these days anymore, I still follow the community. With my new hobby (sport bikes) and raising children, I dont have much time anymore. Maybe later this year, when this so called H hour comes out, will be the day of my return, I wanted to stop by and give you guys a tip of the hat, for what you have done for the SHO clan and Rage(may he rest in peace). Though enemy Lines is no longer, we are still close, and this sad news was noticed by all. We all send our condolences to both the SHO family as well as his family. Anyways, I just wanted to stop by and say job well done on the podcast, and all you have done. Keep up the good work, and just maybe I will see yall on the battle field one day!!
  2. I am really sadden by this information. I know the folks of SHO looked up to him as others outside the clan did, like my self. My condolences go out to the SHO clan as well as his family. RIP Rage
  3. You from Wisconsin ? If so what Part? we may be next to neighbors.

  4. Really? This off the topic, but I think your opion is off some. "A news site" What kind of people would view this type of news? Let me guess..... Gamers? So if posting this brings these gamers here, what the problem? I have meet and played with alot of these guys here. Sure sum have grown and have encountered life that has pulled them away. Some turned to poop and vanished. Some of the older clans RVN, U, Even LPK are some of the elite clans to ever exist. To become a member of one of these elite groups is taken highly. If this BS would stop in open eyes, where anyone can see it, this place could have the foundation to become a great place. But games are a issue as well. Clan orientated needs to be placed in games. It will take work for those who run this ship, and a game with clan orientated base, but this nonsense will just slow things down. Sorry to post this here, but had to say my peace on the above statement. Its between LPK and Providers. Let them fix it behind closed doors.
  5. And clans wonder why tournaments are not filling. Only thing I could say is, this should have been between owners of service and lpk. You really want new comers reading this? I hope LPK and service owners come to a happy medium. Sent from my LS670 using Tapatalk
  6. For ageing its ok. Witch I bet is what this was mainly about. For rub,flavoriing,or merinating, a steak, It will only take for about 24 hours. Same with smoking. You can smoke for 24 hours but it will only penatrate for 12-14. When I was in vegas they had a restraunt with ageing meat. Had a ssmell and I was nerves as hell. But to my suprise it was really good Sent from my LS670 using Tapatalk
  7. Congrats!!! Sent from my LS670 using Tapatalk
  8. Lol..... Sent from my LS670 using Tapatalk
  9. Awwew. I just now saw this, darn it Sent from my LS670 using Tapatalk
  10. Man just called mt dew and someone added 10 hours to my gamer tag. I dont know who, but thanks if it was a UFer
  11. Now this sucks. Since i got 24 hours ( tech. 12 it wont let me use any mire. Sent from my LS670 using Tapatalk
  12. Just picked up 20 botles Sent from my LS670 using Tapatalk
  13. what about doritio weapons? I have double or tripple of all you need Also, I have not found any more 12 packs. but 20 0z bottles are everywhere here. I just bought the rest at one gas station. Im going to hit more 2moro. I need 36 more bottles to max out at 24hours of XP.

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