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  1. because a regular machine gun is generally on a mount cuz its too heavy to carry.
  2. can u add me to the group

  3. I'll be going there on the Friday it starts, probably going to be there all day. I'll keep a look out for you guys.
  4. "Since this is an 8 v 8 tournament teams will be allowed to submit a roster of 10 players." Just as a clarification, is this just for teams that have members from different clans? Or is this apply to everyone now? For example, if a clan, with lets say 24 members, wants to join, they would have to submit 2 separate rosters now as 2 different teams?
  5. I'm addicted to this game but I'm tired of playing random people online. Any other UFers wanna get some matches in with me? Doesn't matter to me what your skill level is, I just want to get better and have some good games. I've seen people post about the vanilla Street Fighter IV, but I don't know if you guys made the transfer over to Super.
  6. Actually sorry its still not fixed lol. It now says the correct round count and says that we won. But the ladder itself shows that 101 is 4-0 and that cKs is 3-3. Where is should be 3-1 and 4-2 respectively
  7. Awesome. Thanks a lot Shane appreciate it.
  8. Well you put the match through but you gave 101 the win. cKs won the match.
  9. I dont see anywhere that I can find the match ID.
  10. Is there anything that the staff can do to help remedy this situation? 101 has already stated that they would like to confirm the result but it is not letting them. We think it would only be fair if we get credited with the win here. It's been a week. Thank you.
  11. Once again, that was very quick thank you. I submitted a ticket requesting that my results reported be changed since I mistakenly posted the wrong amount of rounds since it was supposed to be 2-1.
  12. Sorry I need another clarification. Tonight we just had a war with [101] 101st Screaming Eagles. Which by the way was a great match. Tonight, we played our Scheduled UFGL ladder match on the SOCOM Team Ladder but we came to some confusion. We won the first map, Urban Wasteland Large Control 4-2. After that we played Uprising Large Breach, which 101 won 5-0. At this point 101 thought that they had won the war because they had won more rounds at the end of 2 maps believing that these wars were decided in a similar fashion to the wars played in a tournament such as Urgent Fury Black. But we pointed out that in the rules on the UFGL ladder, which can be read at this URL:[ladderid]=17 It says as the #1 rule, "1. Best of 3 maps played." After bringing this to 101's attention they showed their confusion on the matter, but agreed to play the tiebreaker map which was Vigilance Demolition. cKs ended up winning Vigilance 3-2. Understandably after the match 101 felt that they wanted some clarification on the rules and said they will dispute the result of the war. Which honestly I can completely understand because the rules can be interpreted differently here. Like I said before, it was a great match. cKs has had many wars with 101 and all of them have been phenomenal. The very last thing we would want is to cause any sort of trouble between our two clans. But the matter stands that cKs feels that they have won the war since we won 2 of the 3 maps played, while 101 feels that they deserved the win after the 2nd map. All I would like is some clarification on the matter please. Thank you.
  13. HI, I noticed that new rules specifically regarding socom were posted in the UFGL, but one rule had me confused. "5. Each Map will consist of 9 rounds " I think it would be safe to assume that this was simply a typo, and 8 rounds was actually meant to be written here. But I felt that it wouldn't hurt to ask for a clarification just in case. Thank you!
  14. Alright so I have run into an issue..After the site was back up and running I ran into no issues and went ahead and recreated the cKs team on the SOCOM team ladder with no problems. Though I did notice that under "My teams" it said that I had to be logged in to view them, which I found odd but ignored since the "Team Manager" link still worked. So today, a couple days later, I tried to sign up for the Madden 11 ladder and got an error saying that I couldn't do it (sorry I dont remember exactley what it said) I then noticed at the top of the screen it said welcome Guest! Even though I was logged in. So I logged out and logged back in and it changed to Welcome Hotwire!! So I figured everything fixed itself. So I went ahead and made the madden team and saw that it showed up under "My teams" which made me worry since it still didnt show my SOCOM ladder team. And sure enough when I clicked on Team Manager the only team I belonged to was my madden team. When I checked the roster for the socom team ladder, which is found here: It says that I am on the roster and that I am the leader. But my name is grey, when everyone else's name is green. Please help! I need to have the team manager privileges to be able to challenge teams and accept challenges. Oh, and on another subject in regards to the problem that Fear_Wade is having. I think I know what the problem is. When you click the links that he pointed out in his screenshot, the URL that the link brings to you is an incorrect one. Most likely one you guys were using before but then changed ur mind and used a differnet link. For example: When I click on the Madden link that would be in the area that Wade pointed out in the screen shot, the url that the link brings to me is:[id]=41 When the ladder is actually located at this link: instead of it saying "php?lid=#" it says "php?ladder[id]=#" I hope that helps.