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  1. and Activision will still outsell EA, sorry but just saying.... MW3 will outsell BF3 by a huge amount...
  2. Anyone know how to contact him besides email? does he visit any forums? I have a friend who owns a new Bow company, and is needing a badass website to be built, I gave his mysticdigital website, and he said he sent him an email, but I am wanting to verify that he recieved the email, and if he was able to help him out or not???? Thanks
  3. I agree 100 percent... I spent almost 98 percent of my time on XDA when looking for phone rooting stuff and ways to enhance it.....Lots of great info there bro.
  4. XDA developers is a great place, but I dont recommend it for people new to rooting their phones... you can also go to, they are a little more laid back, thats where I went when I first rooted my droid. As for the phone, I for one absolutly hate Sprint.... No offense, but I had sprint for 4 years and was sooo happy to leave them. I would stick with TMobile or go with Verizon..... matter of fact I believe TMobile was acquired by AT&T? As for Phones. I would look at the new Bionic or Thunderbolt by verizon, although the 4G LTE isnt in all places yet, it IMO isprobably gonna be the best 4G phones out on the android system.... Although I prefer the Bionic because it is made by Motorola, Im am not a big fan of HTC phones
  5. I loved 09, hated 10, and I hated 11, although 12 is a better change, I still am torn between whether I want to buy it or not...I rented it, and it is better than 11 for sure, but I still dont think it is as good as 09 was.
  6. Imagine that............... Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  7. 2 dollars hell, they wouldnt even offer me that for my copy, and it is brand new
  8. LOL... Overall I like the changes they plan to make.....Wish they would bring back lobbys though.....
  9. Yeah pretty sure they are going to work on the mic issues in classic...HellI have a good mic now, and it still isnt working right in classic mode... Crusty is right though, it takes a week or two to get used to it... I am just now starting to build back up my K:D ratio after getting used to it.
  10. pushing buttons???? again????/ please explain??
  11. Has anyone tried to get some of those clans back?? I know TOU is still playing, and Double Helix... A bunch of others on there are still around... why not get the rangers to bring them back:):)
  12. LOL how long u been a ranger here bro????
  13. Not in 101 yet:) I hope very soon though:):) thanks for the replies guys:)