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  1. Jackal will be playing his last matches between now and 1 today until January 2nd, 2010. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone.
  2. I'm pissed. Gamestop told me my pre-ordered copy would arrive tomorrow. Apparently it ships tomorrow, and arrives Wednesday. I'm very upset. I pre-ordered it in June. A whole. 'nother. day. OMG. lol
  3. I think the reason this game is being overshadowed is because it doesn't air many commercials for it, if any. At least I have seen a single one. I personally believe it'll kill all games, including SOCOM and MAG. I definitely can't wait for it. 2 more days! The PSN I will use when I get this will be [sT7]Alpha_Jackal09. I really hope they add clans into the game, as they mentioned early on in creation there would be none. We shall see very, very soon.
  4. You're my hero. Actually it's a lot better than I expected, and I understand I didn't give you much to work with. But I will be using this sig for sure. It's perfect. Thanks alot. I owe you.
  5. This is my clan template. This is the picture I would like inserted with then inner rectangle on the template. The hills in the back could be removed, just the ground the sniper is lying on and his body and rifle. The rifle should extend in front of the template on the left side. If all of that is possible, it would be great if the reaper in the image above could be added, facing left, faded out a bit right over the sniper's body. Thanks if anyone can make out what I'm asking for. I appreciate the help.
  6. I understand the removal thing. Like RPGs and Grenade Launchers. If the explosion effect of the grenade was actually realistic, then I'd be fine. I don't like being killed by grenades through a giant rock mountain in Fallen, or my grenade blowing hell through the floor 4 inches between the guys legs and watching him walk out of the smoke to gun me down. It's a shame. I'm just looking forward to a patch. And I would love a karma rank on socom. Other members give or take karma from players. I know that would be taken advantage of obviously, but there has to be some way. Players whose Karma has dropped below a set amount, due to multiple complaints, would be banned from the servers or something. Something like that. All in all, it's a game. It's fun to play when it's fun to play, and it's not fun to play when people are morons. Go Operation Flashpoint! lol
  7. Yeah. I'm exploring the cable idea. But I don't lag all the time. Some days it's perfectly smooth, sometimes I can't even load SOCOM because it freezes and I lag out of the PSN. I'm confused though because I don't disconnect from the internet; 80% of the time, I lose PSN connection, although I'm still connected to the internet. Idk. Crazy thing.
  8. The rules of the Urgent Fury tournament: Black should be mandatory to all SOCOM wars. Namely etiquette and grenade use. Every member of this forum participates in Urgent Fury wars because that's what we're here for, so we all follow these rules, but I believe it should reflect outside of Urgent Fury wars as well. 1st Grenades in SOCOM were programmed terribly. They are inconsistent and the blast travels through walls and ceilings without damaging the walls. The restriction of grenades in Urgent Fury Black is the greatest thing that has ever happened to SOCOM, and they should be restricted in every game until Slant 6 fixes them. 2nd The etiquette of Urgent Fury Black is a relief from the ignorance of regular class battles. Firing into dead bodies is childish. Whining about camping is pathetic, albeit camping is annoying, it is a tactic available to all. Trash talk is pathetic, there's just no point. I'm ending this here. To all members who read this: Andrew_Is_Great and CHUCKLES_DACLOWN are both aggravators who join into games just to annoy people. They voted my clan members out of our own unranked tryout room. So yeah, they got my attention and were posted here, good for them. Just watch out for members like this.
  9. Thanks Shane. A few have told me that's my best option but they get very expensive. I figure I have to break down and buy the expensive equipment for what I really need.
  10. I have terrible signal with my current setup in my house. My PS3 gets about 37% signal strength. My room is in the basement of my house, and the modem/router are on the third floor of my house. I can't move the router or modem down to the main floor, or to the basement, so I need to explore another possibility. An ethernet cable snaking through my house is not my first choice, but if you guys don't have a better suggestion I might just have to do that. I prefer to keep it cheap, but if I have to buy something expensive, I have to. Thanks for any suggestions! Jackal.
  11. All three hilarious; this was my favorite til I saw those. (Although it's staged) lol
  12. Bravo. I laughed my head off when I saw the picture. haha. Excellent.
  13. Hey, JackalSTARS here, new to urgent fury. I've been in the Urgent Fury - Black war for about two weeks now after passing hell week with my clan, [RPD]. I'm new to the forums and as a form of respect, my clan members bring their membership to the forum's attention. I've enjoyed Urgent Fury so far, especially the level of discipline the rules require. I wish everyone luck if we ever meet in a war. Thanks, Jackal.