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  1. Hey, whats up, i'm new hear site looks really cool Got through hear from the playstation blog from them saying something about you reviewing the recent games like Socom 4 and Mortal Kombat(Least i think they said that game:) hope to play w/ some of you online
  2. Before i throw my hands in the air and scream anymore,i just have to say what the HELL was they thinking puting talk button on d-pad.It is supose to be stratigic game.How can u stop running to push up on d-pad ,then only half the time im keyed up.hell most the time im prox chating and yelling at my guys for not doing something ,and they say we didnt hear u. so we really need a option to change or they need to change. Other than that i love the game!
  3. We have 100 codes, and we want to hear your answers to this... We are going to start with 25 codes. Be creative and stay tuned for more!!! Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk We will be announcing the winners here.
  4. Rockman35


    Any feedback on the KZ3 game. Haven't bought it yet but would like to hear opinions!!
  5. I know there are a ton a creative minds here so I am just gonna post what I would like and let you have all the fun with it. Ok so here is what I had in mind my clan tag is [syM] Clan name is "Shut Your Mouth" good clan name for me right lol, but I would like to have a remembrance of JyK in the sig like a heart with JyK on it or something like that and then my name and clan name. Colors really dont matter and a boarder dont matter either just make it a bad ass sig please! Thanks
  6. did you hear that at the end of the UF pod cast? It sounds like Urgent Fury is holding out on us lol. I guess we have to wait till next week to find out..
  7. Hey People! We've Missed you all! I've been busy tryin to get everything back to where it was prior to our House Fire. Almost there! I like the new changes to this site, it's cool. Well, I'll be checkin the posts here, so I hope to hear from most of ya. Let me know how you've been and If you'd like a scrim or two with WOLF. I've almost got my roster filled (again) to compete. See ya soon! P.S. If there's any clanless members at this site, and you're looking for a home, try us out.
  8. LETS HEAR EM ...... I ORDERED 3
  9. Personally I just finished digging out of 12.6" (as reported at O'Hare airport). More lake effect lingering into the morning. I know the east coast has it way worse. Let's hear some totals!
  10. Anyone else hear about this trade that might take place? Halliday in Philly, Lee in Seattle and some top prospects in Toronto! This will be huge if this goes down!!!
  11. wish you guys a I wont be in town for the holidays so wanted to wish you and your families the best holidays. STAY SAFE! drink to your hearts content this new year and lets bring it in with style. Best luck to all YEBO teams.HAVE FUN. God Bless you all. CHEERS!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D
  12. From one former Marine to all that have served and are currently serving.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Much love...
  13. He just happens to have graduated hear in Midland... have not seen the movie but just a neat little tidbit
  14. I just wanted to say from all of my family. THANK YOU!!!! All that have and still serve. You folks that put your life's on the line for my family to keep their freedoms mean more to me then you will EVER know. I know that you might not hear it enough. But THANK YOU. Keep safe!!! Gary
  15. aight im a bit smashed right now and i just walked in the door and i gotta tell sumone so fuck it imma tell you guys tonight i hit up a party with my boys and shit was great there was dancin and beerpong i got my ass kicked by two hot chicks that ran the table then i was talkin to my boys bro tellin him i got his brothers back and shit no matter what happened and went back to playin beer pong and shit then maybe 30 min we took a break from it and couple guys stepped outside to smoke some shit and we hear a commotion outside i open the ddoor to find my boys bro gettin the shit beat outta him then suddenly chris was right there in it then another guy smashed my boy upside the back of the head and i jumped in and hit him a couple times i remember catchin his teeth with my fist and then next thing i know im on the dirt and i hear people screamin then my boy picks me up and is like we gotta go lets get the fuck outta here so i get shoved in a car and we are gone and then the car ride i kinda blacked out and now im here typin this shit to you guys like wtf we left my boy there and shit
  16. My wife knew i was looking at the iphone, so she went online and got a lg invision for free, and said i can buy the iphone when i get paid:) so tell me, going from a treo pro to a iphone, what will it be like.. and tell me what all can I do with this phone? If I hear something online I like can I download it to the phone itself? what all can I really do?
  17. http://socomdea.forumotion.com/index.htm Hit our forums to hear it!. a Funny lil remake...
  18. I just saw this on yahoo. I don't know about you guys but this is amazing to me. The discovery of new species that are much different from anything we know. Fanged frogs and giant rats are just a few. They developed in isolation for the last 200,000 years. I can't wait to hear more about this great discovery. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/sep/07/discovery-species-papua-new-guinea
  19. First, I hate it when I hear someone on Socom say "Check up." I usually respond with no thanks, just had one. ;D For nostaglia sake, it's always "green up" to me. Anyway....I was driving into work this morning and started to think about all the times I have sat in a lobby waiting on someone to "Green Up." I thought it would be funny to hear what are some real reasons and some not so real reasons (so long as it's funny) that could be an excuse for a delayed "Green Up."
  20. Hi, Folks- I may not be able to tell you much but I can tell you this. The patch is not coming out tomorrow or at all this week. It's still in QA and as soon as it has all issues resolved and is approved, we will let you know on the blog as soon as we can. I cannot wait to be able to tell you when we have a release date. If it was approved for release tomorrow, I would have already gotten a post up on the blog to let you know that. So if it's not announced on the blog, anything you hear is just a rumor.
  21. What is the best virus protection to use? Does it help? Also I got a report from my church site that someone keeps registering under my ipaddress when I log into the site. Anyone hear of anything like this before? I am on hundreds of forums never had this problem. What do you think?
  22. OK I think I got a skunk in my garage... Well I am pretty sure.. My garage has sensor so no one gets stuck under the door. I dropped my girl off at work opened my garage put the car in and as it was closing it went back up. I didn't think much of it since it has happened before. I smell it now in my garage and I hear the garbage ripping... What should I do? I left the door open right now its 3 AM. Hopefully it will leave.
  23. anybody hear about this? considering going? some pretty big names headlining, including TOOL, Beastie Boys, Coldplay, etc. it's in NYC, July 31st-August 2nd. website:http://www.apwfestival.com/index.php if you're in the area, it looks pretty sick and i'll end up going..
  24. Hope you guys hear it. My friend from school whom we decided to make him rap just to like hear him. And well this came out. Let me know what you guys think, if you like it please spread the word around, he has 3 other songs i will upload them soon, or if you want contact me on AIM and i will let you have them. http://www.supload.com/listen?s=nY2rJn
  25. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with databases. I want to find one to use but want to get some opinions first. Here is what I want to accomplish: Inventory control Well I guess thats it LOL. I have a bunch of parts for R/c Cars that we sell and kinda want a simple program that I can put in all the inventory and when it sells, I scan the barcode to remove it from stock. Then It could make it easy for me to know what I am running low on. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear! Thanks!

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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