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  1. come play with us at D=U well show you how to run it we just getting our cod division up so maybe you guys could show my guys how to run it on cod =)
  2. nope leader is DannySly im the newly appointed war officer
  3. While I am aware that i am inelligible to play here due to interest issues my clan however would like to play an uf approved clan for entry on socom:Confrontation. If anyone would let me know if they would be willing to do so that would be awesome. you can reach us here or at our new website which was just officially released today. thank you and Happy Holidays UF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i dont know about the uf sig but if youd like i can put tother just a sig for ya?
  5. helix gaming you mean? i dont remember there tags either
  6. thanks dub that actually took some stress of me lol im on my third ps3 and i cant afford another one if this one shits the bed
  7. i still have 2 unbeaten zeldas that i got really stuck on could not figure out what the hell to do with the rock and couldnt find some guy in the other. =( and joust was the shit. fav game of all time though would have to be zelda ocarina of time.
  8. sounds great for my future mother in law she is always doing the ww thing sheseven got a ww calculater
  9. that post just made me love you for life LOL
  10. o [EOH] Echoes of Hell i think they made it through a month of black last november
  11. If you want to get to the point of this article its that there is 300 SEXTILLION STARS thats 3x what was previously thought... WASHINGTON – The universe may glitter with far more stars than even Carl Sagan imagined when he rhapsodized about billions upon billions. A new study suggests there are a mind-blowing 300 sextillion of them, or three times as many as scientists previously calculated. That is a 3 followed by 23 zeros. Or 3 trillion times 100 billion. The estimate, contained in a study published online Wednesday in the journal Nature, is based on findings that th
  12. you forgot [RPD] Racoon Police Dept. we were here for about 6 months before i disbanded