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  1. What's up UF? I missed u guys and now the MW3 is right around the corner I am getting excited as most of you are. If anybody wants to kill on Black Ops on Xbox 360 add me. My gamer tag is: YourMomsNewBF23.
  2. Lets go Yankees kick the shit outta Detroit.
  3. I am just trying to get a point across but i understand were you are coming from also Attiude. I will stop.
  4. Just because im not a member of a clan doesnt mean i cant voice my opinon. Is that how it is just because i dont run with a clan on this site means i cant stick up for the rules that were put in place. He even admited to saying he was looking for another clan if his fell through. Come on now this is getting insane. If i didnt like it here do you actually think i would be saying something to somebody because they were not following the rules. If you have a problem with me Rooster let me know i mean you can out me here or you can PM me either way doesnt bother me.
  5. @BigMoney yes brotha i def enjoyed hell week. I think it was proly the toughest gaming experience i have been put through because i played against legit clans so i never bitched one time when i got my ass handed to me because i knew the clan evaling us was legit. It def put your clan to the test the whole week and i miss that very much. Now i will not go against any decision UF puts in place all im saying is i just dont want this place turning into GB. I may not get on much anymore but i still love this community for the year i have been around. I tried the GB bullshit and it was garbage peopl
  6. So IRISH what is your game plan for letting new clans come into UF without earning there place here? Ok so maybe UF didnt have Hell Week before and it survived but what about now adays something has to be set in place so clans that come here dont think its like GB or any other site and just want to hop right into the Wars with you guys.
  7. There is a big difference of causeing drama and telling you i told you so BIG DIFFERENCE
  8. Holy shit buddy its your birthday again damn time goes fast. Well happy birthday brotha have a good one.

  9. And you guys said it wouldnt be like GB..........
  10. I still think it looks like what MW2 should of been but thats just me
  11. @Stryker- I was not bashing you in any way and if my post came off that way i apologize. I was just trying to state a point but i may of came off like a asshole and i am sorry. There are many clans here that compete at UF that i am sure are looking for recruits. There is a list of the clans somewhere around here just troll around and you will find them.
  12. @Last- I am not with anyone. I dont see what you are trying to get at?
  13. if my clan ends.. can i JOIN UP (KEY PHRASE) with any of you guys.. He is asking to join a clan not if his clan leaves can he still play here. So that would make it a Free agent thread.
  14. Or maybe you could see it this way: If they were apart of a clan that was with UF they know the rules about not posting looking for a clan. I know somewhere around here there is TAB with all the clans that compete at UF that they can check out and see who fits them the best. I know that is a rule somewhere here. If we just let people come around like this it will turn out to be like GB rather you guys like it or not it will happen. No offense to you Stryker. Im just trying to get my point across.