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  1. LoL I have to say. Socom 4 is a new game and I heard socom was changing into a new generation of Socom but I did not know by this much. I kinda like Socom 4 after playing the beta.. Well I kinda wish it felt more like Socom to at that . It is kind of like a Socom/Graw/Gears of war type of game.
  2. Hello UF my name is Chuck aka sTReeTMaRiNee I am a 25 year old disabled gamer that loves gaming. I have seen the UF site pop up on many forums thought I would check you guys out . I have been under many names in other socoms, some may know me as GBcRuSHa, LK-CRUSHA, XFATAL1TYZ. I can not wait for socom 4 to start. Well I hope you like my introduction
  3. Well to be honest with you sir I wanted to join the marines after I graduated high school but I could not because I am disabled in many ways.. So I call myself sTReeTMaRiNee cause my dad says it all the time im a marine out of uniform.. But no im not really a Marine. My dad was a marine though for 6 years. But nope Just a socom name for me!
  4. Refer to? Im confused .. Im known as streetmarinee now..But my other names before have been GBcRuSha , XFATAL1TYZ, LK-CRUSHA, hmm I think another1 I cant remember it though. But yea I like my sTReeTMaRiNee name. It is the year 2011 not 2009
  5. I could not stand Call Of Duty to be honest.
  6. sTReeTMaRiNee is the name I have been using since 2010 lol. GBcRuSha was the days of 2009. I like sTReeTMaRiNee tho
  7. I see you all making it big!!! Very Awesome job thank you for having this site and for the socom community
  8. Hi everyone I am so so so excited for socom 4!!!!
  9. Yep 1 min 3 secons state champion special olympics proudest moment I ever did in my life.. Even better than running out on a football field on friday nights.
  10. Incidents yep But all the blame was put on me when all I did was type a certain way I was told I was a fake and still get called it at times but ppl cant call anyone fake when they truly dont know a person alot of ppl truly knew me and the ones that called me fake they were not true friends that I thought they were they assumed I was a fake but they didnt really know me at all O well life goes on..... I guess by typing a certain way with extra letters or equal signs can not allowed in this world lmao or your a fake. Videos? Lmao? The only videos I have ever done.. A video of me si
  11. I have and never will rick roll I can not stand that song myself lmao..
  12. I apllogize for not introducing myself UF. I thought you all already knew me! Sorry shane I posted a introduction of me
  13. I was asked to make a introduction about myself so here weeeeee gooooooo. Howdy my name is sTReeTMaRiNee aka GBcRuSha aka Chuck I have heard/ been on urgent fury before . Well a little bit about me hmmmm well I love socom. I started on Socom 2, played socom3/combined assault, been a vet now for bout 9 years? Socom 2 came out in 2002 I think so yea bout 9 years veteran of the socom series. Well in Socom Confrontation I was in FOX, I was in LTU, I was in aX, ummm lol GB clan, I was on a sponsored gamebattles team called yurtles turtles, yT. I was the head referee of the socom confrontatio