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  1. bump this guys n gals were are STILL looking for players to join our socom team... we lost quite a few guys over the past 3-5 months and were looking to build our clan to the level it was help us do it!!! the Uprising wants [ U ] !!!!
  2. yeah i think this is great i cant wait auctually make s me feel liek my level 13 trophies will mean something now lol
  3. help us get ready for socom 4
  4. is there anyway for the leaders of each roster on the ladders to be able to add peoples names to the teams because we are having a crazy hard time getting people signed up and able to figure out how to get onto the ufgl section.
  5. still looking for loyal active smart gunners and snipers
  6. or just make a new name liek i did
  7. if u want that snap u have to pm one of the directors to change it
  8. really? thanks man thats awsome.
  9. yeah that was crazy but i pratice doing that all the time if u noticed everysingle tackle i attempted was by stripping the ball lol it burned me tho on that long td run taylor had thats the only bad part aprt trying to strip the ball
  10. well i can gladly say i popped the ufgl's ladder cherry with a win in madden
  11. come on guys!!! we need to get our socom side active again we took a huge hit to activity and members a while back and now that me and mike jaxon are back we are trying to rebuild this clan, jax with the cod side and im trying to help matty build back up the once powerhouse socom side.
  12. yeah i thought today was the 2nd oh well
  13. is the link not working for anyone else or is it just not open yet?
  14. dont be shy guys we dont bite...unless u ask then we consider it
  15. yeah thats why i made a new name lol
  16. Hey guys whats up?! i wanted to inform all of the urgent fury community that the Uprising is currently recruiting for socom. we are looking for loyal smart active gunners to help us rebuild our socom team, as well as to help us grow as a clan as we move into the future and socom 4. if your interested please stop by our site at and fill out an application. we hope to hear from many of yuo soon!