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  1. Last Result: Download Speed: 51280 kbps (6410 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 9309 kbps (1163.6 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 16 ms Fri Jun 24 2011 10:24:18 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time) how much faster can you get ... its just crazy
  2. Check this out. Then look at her face after he catches it. She had to have crapped herself just thinking about what could have happened. http://video.yahoo.com/editorspicks-12135647/commercials-25269363/evan-longoria-s-crazy-bare-hand-catch-25269537.html
  3. crazy! LAS VEGAS — An armed bandit escaped Tuesday on a motorcycle after stealing at least $1.5 million in casino chips from the posh Bellagio resort and may have pulled a similar caper across town less than a week ago, police said. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/12/14/bellagio-heist-may-total-_n_796603.html
  4. Where can I find a new/used PS3 for cheap lol I went to gamestop yesterday cuz I'mgoing stir crazy in my hotel without my playstation and used PS3's are still 299$ while used 360's are 119$. What kind of crap is that!? Just ranting but thank you UF forum readers for acknowledging my pain
  5. is there anyway for the leaders of each roster on the ladders to be able to add peoples names to the teams because we are having a crazy hard time getting people signed up and able to figure out how to get onto the ufgl section.
  6. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38957020/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/ The guy is holding hostages and might have a bomb strapped to himself...crazy.
  7. Just got internet back...power was out for over 8 hours. Had a huge storm rip through. Took the louvers completly off my mustang, dropped a bunch of trees. Almost ripped a hard tonneu cover off my truck. Bunch of hail and crap. We had to shut our store down. Crazy crap http://pressrepublican.com/0100_news/x876811792/Severe-thunderstorm-warning-issued-for-region
  8. What did you guys think? It was crazy and I can't believe it's all over!!
  9. man this is crazy! Flyers were down 3-0 in the series, came back to tie it up 3-3. Just won game 7 4-3... and they were losing 3-0 after the 1st period. Scored the next 4 goals to win the game and the series. Just crazy crazy crazy. So pumped right now! http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/hofmann/game_7.html
  10. Summers almost here which means family trips, road trips, and adventure. I'm making a road trip across the US all the way LA from west,warwick RI. with a couple buddies of mine. we plan on makin it with only $1,000 (we figured it was a nice number) as theres 4 of us. heres our planned route looks the least painfull to figure out http://www.mapquest.com/maps?1c=West+Warwick&1s=RI&1a=26+Ivy+St&1z=02893-1807&1y=US&1l=41.71414&1g=-71.50285&1v=ADDRESS&2c=Los+Angeles&2s=CA&2z=90001&2y=US&2l=33.9727&2g=-118.2479&2v=ZIP how bout you guys any crazy plans for the summer?
  11. How did everyone like it? I already know most have seen it or are going to see it. I enjoyed it from beginning to end it was great in 3D. I enjoyed the Cat man he was awesome, the whole scene at the end with the Chess board epic too. It was acted really well too, I also would like to make sweet love to Alice...<.< >.>....well what she's legal duh. The Mad Hatter was awesomely crazy man haha, the hare was freaking funny too lol. It was a good mix of sinister and niceness? Lol well I liked it and it was worth the watch. What was with that dance man? Was it really needed at that moment lol...it was funny in the court yard though lol...
  12. Filmmaker/Writer Kevin Smith gets tossed from a SW Airlines flight for being too large, and he's none to happy about it (who would be). Kevin effing Smith....are you serious? He's as smart, as he is crazy. Good luck Southwest. You'll need it sir. Hear the emergency SModcast SWodcast by clicking the link. http://www.smodcast.com/
  13. Hey guys I haven't been posting too much over the summer and now into winter but I am starting to get back into the swing of things. Anyone who was on my old list Art-Man please update your friends list and shoot me a new request as my new name has been changed to l-Crazy_Canuck-l. I look forward to hooking up with all the clans that I used to.
  14. I just got in an arguement with my roommate about this, I think David Arquette and Luke Wilson look so much alike, they could be the same person, you be the judge.......am I crazy? Arquette Wilson
  15. MW2 mythbusters watch the crazy knife kills, i didnt know those things could bounce as much, most of the time they stick.
  16. Ive been on the DL for a while.. quite busy with life and such.. but I always seem to have this place on the back of my mind wondering what the hell is going on , on these here forums... There are far too many memories, and countless crazy topic threads.. (and alot of stupid ones, that i've had the pleasure to read) anywho... hope all is well... P.S. Regarding twitter.. Firstly, im not huge on twitter, but i follow tech people who post intersting technology stuff, and its forwarded to my phone, etc.. but MAN.. does UF spam the crap out of Twitter... whats the deal on that? Might be just me.. but meh... carry on
  17. make sure to listen to the whole thing it gets better and better.
  18. I don't thinks its german but maybe it is a Slovak version of America's got talent. Either way these 2 kids are crazy. Incompatible Browser | Facebook
  19. Ok so i met this girl like 2 weeks ago.. and i really like her a lot and i have never clicked this fast with any girl ever b4 in my whole life, and she's everything i could possibly ask for in a girl... we hang out like all the time and we went to a streetlight manifesto show together and after that show was the first day we ever kissed and now she's like ignoring me, this was Friday that we just kissed and now she like won't talk to me at all, everytime I've txted she doesn't respond, she barely says 2 words to me on aim, and i don't F**king get it and I'm going crazy and idk what to do because i really like this girl a lot, like for real and i don't want to lose her and i just don't know what to do.. does anyone have any kind of advise that might be able to help me out? it's just my luck though of course cuz as soon as i actually start caring for someone they don't talk to me any more...
  20. Anyone else from NY here? Its been raining non stop for weeks now. Sunny here and there during the day but mostly rain. Any ideas on why? Its pretty crazy. ITs like monsoon season here.
  21. so i jus got a txt like " did u have fun" i waz like whos this, "did u have fun fucking my girl when i was locked up" o shit he found out ahhaa, damn not again so i told him a lie i said i have no clue wat ur talking bout and he keeps textin "are you mike" are you mike". rly i do know who it is and i did have fun.. hahaa lots of fun days with that girl, so i wonder wat should i do.. like this guys allways in jail so im sure hes lookin for me and looking for trouble... i wonder how he got my number, i think im bigger than this dude but ive seen pics of him and his arms are fucking ripped man, fuck that, if this dude comes at me i gotta use my knife or something i aint no pussy but he looks crazy. i mean i dont wanna fight cause id be pissed as fuck if some dude fucked my girl when i was locked up but me and this girl have been hooking up b4 they even knew each other.. sooo i kinda fell bad for him but not if hes trying to kill me hahaa... and im back with tha girl i love soo i dont want this drama bullshit and i dont want her to find out... should i keep actin like i dont know wtf he talkin bout or jus forget and n go play socom, or wtf should i do,,,, keep in mind that a got a good girl and dont care bout them, and that this dude is an asshole too his women and proly slaps them around,
  22. Happy 123456789 Day (12:34:56 on 07/08/09)
  23. I cant believe this! I used to watch this show when i was a kid.. Crazy stuff... http://movies.yahoo.com/news/movies.ap.org/actor-david-carradine-found-dead-bangkok-ap I guess he hung himself? Wtf.. shit must be tough post stardom..
  24. Anyone watch tonights smallville? It was pretty sick. Lana is done with Clark. Lex is dead. Crazy.
  25. I'm getting a few PM reports from players here in the UF community that there's some pretty crazy stuff going on online tonight. Does anyone have anything similar to report, or are things going ok on your end?

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