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  1. The only game I play? I play about a million things more than CoD including pokemon, fallout our still, madden and a heap of other games. As for the feel and community, i am referring to the controller and the people who play each system or pc. I like the controller over mouse and keyboard and if you feel that way on pc and use one, you're at a disadvantage. And the community of pc people is just a lot of people who think they are superior beings like yourself and that because they are 4chan addicts, that they are all knowing. I know fps games were started on pc and will give them credi
  2. The answer to that Rid is simple. I like the console feel and the console community rather than DB nerds on pcs and the mouse and keyboard. Lol ill play minecraft all day on it but my xbox 360 and my ps are what I enjoy playing a majority of my games on.
  3. Do you have to be so rude about it? You can't tell its a page and not a thread from Tapatalk.
  4. We'd prolly stay in town a whole week. Anyone got a clue to how much it would cost to do so?
  5. I'm relatively close so I'd play with ya if ya wanted germ. Me and carly have been looking for a reason to head to Chicago for a while now.
  6. Please delete this, I had a terrible morning.
  7. Hey tricky, I wasn't kicked pal. Lol