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  1. Recent: ORDER FORUM Agree to T.O.S: Tag or Vector Sig: Added my MSN: elithabeast@pbot.org and/or SKYPE: EliThaBeastMSN: Skype:
  2. Starting tomorrow night we are going to host an Urgent Fury Community night to be broadcast live on Twitch www.twitch.tv/urgentfury starting at 8pm cst/ 9pm est This will give us a chance to try out the mode settings as well and the functionality of Private Matches, which seem to be more stable than matchmaking. If you wish to sign up reply to this post with your PSN ID, we will post the roster below updating it weekly. Players Host: UF-UrgentFury be sure to send this account a friend invite if no one in the list is on your friends list. VEX_VEHIX Last-
  3. It's raffle time again, and we got a good one for you... We want to get you the tools you need to be successful with Call of Duty Black Ops 2, so what better way than getting you the BradyGames Black Ops 2 Signature Series Strategy Guide. Entry is free but limited to North America. Click Here To enter Every registered user is allowed 1 entry into the raffle, but if you are a member of the Spec Ops Premium Membership Program you actually get a total of up to 10 entries into the raffle (You must be an active member at the time of the drawing) Rules: Winner must reside in North America, to validate your availability go to Profile Settings and fill out the Raffle Address and Phone Number. These fields are only visible to the User and Site Admins and the information is never sold or shared outside of delivery needs for the Raffle.
  4. Anyone want to lend a hand in creating a new sig or emblem for me. After two years of being dormant our clan The Old Guard is back and needs some new digs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. So it is our pleasure to accept the invitation to broadcast the MLG Starhawk Tournament Finals live for PlayStation on our Twitch Channel tonight at 7pm cst. We will be giving away 100 PlayStation Plus 30 day Codes and one lucky viewer will get a brand new PS3. It's easy to win, all you have to do is go to our twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/urgentfury and follow these steps: To be eligible: - You must have an account on Twitch go to the registration page to sign up if you need an account - You must follow the Urgent Fury channel on Twitch - During the Stream we recommend that you at least say high in the chat to ensure the drawing system detects that you are present If you are selected as a winner and you are following the channel, your prize (generally codes) or instructions to claim your prize will be sent to you via the Twitch messaging system. Unless otherwise noted all giveaway codes are specific to North American Users. If you are not in North America, please note that as a winner you may choose to keep your code and give it to a friend or you may decline it. If you decline the prize, you will not be given a replacement.
  6. Well boys and girls, cyber Monday is just over 24 hours away and everyone is always watching for a good deal, so I have put up a thread where everyone can post smoke'n hot deals they have found: One that we are offering is 75% off your first Hosting payment for new hosting at www.urgentfury.net use coupon code "cm2012" And if you know anyone with a small business that wants to save big on Antivirus, tell them to go to www.cloudavg.com and sign up for a free trial or order today to receive an extra 25% off their subscription fees.
  7. Well you have to be the winner to win of course So this is only available to US Citizens or Active Duty US Military around the world with an APO/FPO address. <script src="//www.punchtab.com/mast/11661/giveaway_widget.js"></script> Entry is very simple, the winner will be drawn on Wednesday October 31st after 9 pm cst. Get signed up today!
  8. Reason I didn't play last night. I got to bowl with Tramaine Brock, Chris Culliver, Perrish Cox, Trenton Robinson, Carlos Rodgers and a few other players of the 49ers. Here's a pick of me(taking the pick) and my boy taking on TB and TR haha. Later I teamed with TB against my boy and another player. All in all it was epic they where so down to earth and cool. They took picks and signed autographs talked to us. We sang happy birthday because it was TB's bday. We had an entire private bowling area to ourselves. They even gave the contest winners tickets to next Thursdays game. I am still in awe because of it haha. It was insane I hope I get the chance again.
  9. To whomever can help, I'm hoping to update my sig to represent my new staff position here at UF for GRFS! Unfortunately, I don't have the tools to do it myself! Any help with this would be MUCH appreciated!!!
  10. HEY GUYS! What's up!? Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm in a clan called Gourmet Gamers and we would LOVE for you guys to join us for LOTS of fun, winning and pizza (the pizza is provided by you)! So if it's not too much, we ask that all you do is have an MLG account, Call of Duty: Elite account, and that you sign up at our website! http://www.GourmetGamers.webs.com/PM me on here or on Xbox Live, my gamertag is the same as my username, " xBlackHorizon". So I'll see you guys online!
  11. Looking for a new sig, BF3 themed preferably. Can anyone help me out???
  12. Official website: http://www.ghostrecon.com Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ghostrecon Twitter: http://twitter.com/GhostRecon Find out everything about the exclusive content you will be able to unlock by pre-ordering the Signature Edition of Ghost Recon : Future Soldier. Pre-Order now : http://ghost-recon.ubi.com/gr-portal/en-GB/pre-order/index.aspx
  13. Seeing all these killer sigs is making me a bit jelous.lol Anyone care to make one for me? If so please let me know and i'll fill you in on the details. Thanks WHITESABBATH
  14. Get you clans signed up for UNREST. MW3 finally fixes party system. UNREST TIMELINE <--------CLICK HERE UNREST RULEBOOK <-------CLICK HERE SIGN UP HERE <--------CLICK HERE
  15. Hey UF and clans who run they own websites... I recently came across this site: http://www.startssl.com/?app=39 which offers free basic ssl certs. ssl certs are the biggest rip off on the internet- people make tons of cash on these things and they can be generated in seconds, and once the creation process is automated it costs these companies next to nothing. there have always been free options (cacert.org, self signed ssl certs, etc) but the problem with those is that they are not in any of the web browsers root cert store- but apparently startssl's are, so they work as any other cert you would just pay for. FYI, I have no interest or holdings in this company, this is just a public service announcement. Running forum sites as most clans do it's always best to use ssl to encrypt authentication, and most clans don't have a lot of funds to pay for an constantly renew ssl certs, especially with some of us already paying for forum software.
  16. If you have not seen this yet... get er done!!! I had stuff back to 2006 http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/320137
  17. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see any of the Community Clans signing up for any of the MW3 Tournaments. I understand about the inability to run more than a 4 v 4 but this only reminds me of when we would have smaller Tournaments running in between the large ones (ex: Summer Blowout, even Horsemen but without the prizes and etc.). The idea is that we support our Community in ways that we can. So if I'm missing anything can someone enlighten me as to why we can't create Tournament-play with a Tournament-Hosting Community? The reason this baffles me is because I see many of us playing on this game, daily...
  18. Don't be a bitch....sign the petition. https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/
  19. Whitesky from mysticdigital.com has recently finished our new sig template. It is his most advanced and detailed template to date. Just wanted to give you guys a look at it.
  20. Welcome to the Sons of Anarchy Gaming Clan. We are a mature clan and all our members must be over the age of eighteen. We are primarily a competitive clan, but we like to host weekly "get togethers" and have special rules matches. This may range from knives only to RPG's only. These matches will be posted under "FSU" in the events tab, with the rules for that current match. Make sure and sign up, so we know how many to expect. We play different genres of games but our main focus is on the FPS. Ranking up in this clan depends on your IN GAME PERFORMANCE, but website participation is encouraged. There should be no reason why you can't at least give a shout once a week to let us know you are still alive and kicking. We pride ourselves on the quality of the gamers we have, not the quantity. As we grow we will be hosting "gamebattles" matches and competeing against other clans. All "new recruits" or "FNG's" will be given a short term probationary period where you will game with us and make sure this is where you want to be. In short have fun and dominate the competition! Wear your SoA tag proudly, See you on the Battlefield! http://www.sonsofanarchygaming.enjin.com
  21. When we reinvented our site we used new sigs that i created.. this is my first sig.. so dont laugh... I hope to get better with time!
  22. Urgent Fury has partnered with Wibiya.com to offer a convenient tool bar at the bottom of the site. This tool bar adds a full function chat room to the site. This tool bar has more functionality as well, we will be updating in the future. Also if you notice there is a way to minimize the bar on the bottom right so if it does bother you, you can turn it off.
  23. jokerzwild has won a Limited Edition Gears of War 3 Strategy Guide halorach has won a Signature Edition Gears of War 3 Strategy Guide Special thanks once again to BradyGames for providing the prizes and shipping them to the winners.

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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