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  1. well, if what he put is truly correct, he shouldn't have any issues posting its source...because, you know, technically he is plagiarizing. In any case, true or false, history is the essence of the progression of politics. Things happen for a good reason at the time, and as time passes (and I think over 40 years is PLENTY of time) people's positions change. As governmental leaders, our "authorities" must always be doing what is best for America AT THAT TIME...40 years ago, Saddam wasn't a madman who was murdering MILLIONS of his own people....oh but maybe his now completely frightened countrymen should overthrow him on their own (use common sense here). Everyone knows that we are the world's police force. Why? Because no one else has the balls to risk THEIR own country's resources to help those in need... It's called being human. Also, one last thing, if you're going to post the political happenings of the past 40 years, maybe you should be more specific on Clinton rather than fitting into the typical idiotic mold and leaving out details that fogs your purpose....CLINTON caused just as much of this current war in Iraq as anyone else did. Did you just forget about the fact that after the initial Gulf War, our government was tasked with enforcing the weapons inspections in Iraq? Oh wait, you probably don't even know about that because over the 8 years that Clinton was President, these "yearly" inspections only occurred maybe HALF of the time. Oh, but let us not forget that once Slick Willy was caught with his pants down (PUN definitely intended) aka - getting a head job in the Oral Oval office, he didn't have any hesitation to send attacks at Saddam Hussein to draw the publics attention away from him.... reporter - "Mr President, what do you have to say about the reports of your adultery that occurred in the Oval Office?" Slick Willy - "My fellow Americans, I have just authorized air strikes on several strategic locations in Iraq as a result of Mr. Hussein's inability to allow the weapons inspectors in for the 3rd straight year." -- source -- ME...unfortunately I was one of Mr. Clinton's pawns that he moved around in the Middle East during his "dick-tation" in the Oral office.... And for the record, I didn't agree with his actions, yet I STILL DID MY DUTY! All of these quote-unquote "Soldiers" that are crying about "I didn't sign up for this" can suck my left nut! If they can honestly say that they had NO CLUE that by VOLUNTEERING to join an ACTIVE MILITARY FORCE they expected to never go to war DURING WAR TIMES, then they need a damn one is that stupid... ps - I bet the Democrats are shitting their drawers now that the sub-prime markets are crashing and threatening another recession....considering that elections are coming up. How are they going to manage to turn this around in their favor? If this isn't fixed before they get elected to office, they aren't going to take the credit of fixing it!
  2. Tow is exactly right here guys....Just because SOTG is retiring doesn't mean that SOCOM is over, and to think that is just absurd. The remaining members of SOTG just do not have the ability to commit to the time requirements of playing the game as a whole group, or to have the ability to participate in tourneys. While some of the causes of a decrease in playing time were due to the current SOCOM gameplay, the majority was just simply due to personal life.
  4. Thank you for the invitation -- be sure to stop by our forums to find our members if you wish.
  5. Thank you all for your kind words. Best wishes to you all!
  6. I will personally vouch for Splinter. He is a great addition to any team, maintains a high level of professionalism, and is mature well past his years. And to top it all off, he is a hell of a gunning machine!
  7. Effective June 30, 2007, Special Operations Training Group will be officially standing down from the SOCOM arena. Originally founded back in 2002 through the assistance of the Sea Snipers, SOTG found its home in US West 3 with only a handful of members. That would soon change. Based on a core set of values, SOTG began to blossom into a professional organization of mature adults playing SOCOM together in an attempt to meet certain medal-earning criteria we had set for ourselves. As a truly innovative clan, SOTG was one of the very first SOCOM clans to actually set standards for statistical medals and awards, and had since continued to add medals and awards to the list, based on different statistical achievements made possible by the game itself. Upon the release of SOCOM II, SOTG moved into the Canada West 1 servers in search of less lag, as well as fewer people. As the SOTG name continued to spread like a virus, more and more gamers flocked to SOTG, which resulted in the growth to four full rosters of active members, as well as a countless number of inactive members. In a search to find quality competition, the members of SOTG were happy to see the eSEALs come into the scene. Soon afterwards, SOCOM gameplay took a turn for the worse with the introduction of "GameBattles" into the scene. The days of real-world, wartime gameplay was soon to end with the bogus idea that "grenade launchers and rocket launchers were not fair"...the last time I checked, you don't call your enemy to tell them you are going to attack them, but only if they don't use GLs and Rockets! Unfortunately, this disease spread to eSEALs as well. Moving into SOCOM III, an excited member base was ready to move onto the "new and improved" SOCOM, but were quickly let down once the game was released. SONY hadn't really changed much, and the fad of "unfair weapons" continued... Into SOCOM:CA, yet another let down ensued... During these trials and tribulations, SOTG had seen many internal issues, which resulted in members leaving to form new clans, such as CDK, HollowGround, and *nt, all of which have made, and are currently making a name for themselves in the SOCOM arena, as well as in other PS3 games. SOTG has continued to exist through these times, however due to many members losing the desire to play SOCOM, or just simply not having the time to provide to gaming anymore, we have decided it is best to allow our remaining members the chance to find newer, more active clans. We would like to thank all of our friends and allies who have continually supported us through the years, and wish you all well in the future. It is very difficult in todays gaming environment to find other clans that maintain a high level of gaming integrity and professionalism. You all are what continued to make the SOCOM series fun. We welcome you to invite our members into your ranks, if you so choose. We have yet to decide what we will be doing with our website, namely our forums, however we may still keep them open so we can maintain our friendships that we have built with you all. TO THE REMAINING SOTG MEMBERS: We bid you all Fair winds and following seas. Best of luck to you all! On behalf of Special Operations Training Group and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Semper Fidelis and Godspeed! Signed, General Jarhead Judge Advocate General Special Operations Training Group
  8. First of all, I read you were a marine. I'd like to thank you for your service to our country. When I first saw his post, I became slightly irritated and let it go. But now that it has been revived, I can't help but to say this as I, too, am a Marine. Raist, since you are a Marine, try acting like a leader by showing some bearing and tact....don't forget those are 2 of your 14 leadership traits. You should also know better than to complain about your time, as the majority of it is spent in a "hurry up and wait" mode. In any case, just suck it up and move forward rather than trying to create drama...leave that crap to the crybabies that caused UF3 to get shut down. In other news, I'm happy to see that SOTG Zero has been keeping the SOTG name alive in here. I sincerely hope that SOTG is able to regain a solid foothold by UF4, as we really do enjoy the UF Evolutions. Finding other clans that maintain self-integrity in their methods of play once was rare, but due to great ideas such as UF, we are all truly bringing the enjoyment back to the SOCOM platform. We appreciate all the hard work that EVERYONE has put, and will continue to put into Urgent Fury. On behalf of SOTG, General Jarhead Member, Joint Chiefs of Staff Special Operations Training Group