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  1. When did she become funny? lol How bout' Sara Silverman?[/img]
  2. Tow/Sniper = Owner Goat = General Manager So all we need is corporate sponsorship..? And/or corporate ADs.
  3. To whom this may concern, As thankful as I am for everything the UF Staff has done for us, I do not see any one person buying this website for $2,500. It would be great, but I don't see it happening. What I would suggest to Tow is this. To become the Owner of the website, but have a General Manager of the website. Try to gain some corporate sponsors or advertising. That will keep the site maintained and paid for. You would still have control, but wouldn't be managing it. Eventually if the site were to grow, it could become some what of what GB has become (A million dollar website).
  4. Congrats U, wish I could've been there.
  5. It really doesn't matter what "league" anyone considers them to be in. Months of PMs and personal conversation and a lot of stuff that should have been "quiet" weren't and no one came in and said that Undertow was wrong for putting all the information out there. But because this came out, all it was stated was it's creating "drama". And as far as this happening everytime JyK is in a tournament, everyone needs to wake the fuck up and smell some coffee. This happens after EVERY UF Tournament. Let me send a PM to Undertow like that and see what happens.
  6. Okay. I don't understand this. When Undertow put out messages that MaCoo sent to him, everyone thought it was fine, and that it wasn't pointless drama. I mean he is the creator of UF right? It was "needed" maybe? But when a member of JyK calls 101 out, everyone jumps on them? Don't get it. Edit - Dub, I did not read this entire thread. I read the first three messages. If you want no one to post in it, it should be locked. Double Edit - People that posted in THIS thread, where the same people who posted in the other thread and make a jokes about the situation. Jesus you guys are either hypocrites or want to be married to Tow.
  7. The best stuff is coming out for the PSP? God of War 3 Mod Nation Racers The Last Guardian to name 3 for the PS3. I can't remember anything of substance being discussed at E3 for the PSP or I just wasn't looking for info on it. Gran Turismo with 60 fps Metal Gear And a a whole new design that is smaller and more powerful You're just wrong there. God of War 3 Metal Gear Solid Rising Castlevania Batman AA Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Titles > PSP
  8. Everyone has a voice in JyK and everybody plays a part! When there is a problem we solve it as a clan! Everybody is always on the look out for new peeps to join' date=' but at times I get the feeling that we are a bit unorganized so I was just wondering how other clans work. I can't invest the time I used to have in JyK where I did EVERYTHING and all guys had to do was show up! Running JyK solo is getting stressful and I can't do it all by myself anymore!! And another thing that's pissing me off is that we can't hold onto members for shit, but thats all about to change we know the cure for this! I only got like 3 or 4 members who has been with me for the past 2 years [/quote'] In otherwords.... We run around like chickens with our heads cut off. :-D
  9. Somewhat, PSH. It is on there, trust me.
  10. Hello, For those that didn't know I was in the process of the move for the past month. My internet will be back up on Saturday. CYA ON THE BATTLEFIELD [ U ]
  11. The real reason behind the economic struggle.
  12. Thank you sir. He's been in office for four months, every economists said it was going to get worse before it got better. The only way to get out of a rescission is to SPEND money. How else are you going to get a market to thrive, by saving money?