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Commander Fury

Petition Launched for Socom 2

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It comes to no surprise that there is still that need to bring Socom back to the masses. One of the biggest cries from the community has always been a remastered Socom II as that is where the majority feel the series peaked overall with features, gameplay, etc.

One Socom fan has decided to bring the cries to with a petition which can be found at We have created this short link just for this campaign. With a few strokes you can sign and share your support for Sony to create a Remastered Socom II.

This comes in the wake of a similar petition for Modern Warfare 2 with over 183,000 signatures. It will be interesting to see if these kind of campaigns sway the powers that be to bring these style of games back to the new generation.

There have been other attempts to bring back that Socom feeling, one that had pretty good traction was H-Hour by SOF Studios but as of late they have been riddled with controversy, loss of David Sears and completely alienating the community. This game is coming to Steam Early Access this month and they have stated the only hope of the game coming to PS4 will be a successful launch on Steam. A much different story than what was said during the KickStarter.

Signing a petition is free and only takes about 1 minute vs the $250k that was spent by the community on H-Hour, so why not take a minute of your time and sign away, what can it hurt!

One note to make is that the PlayStation Blog Share for Socom II was one of the highest up voted shares and we have not seen any result either…

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