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  1. Does UF have a discord channel?
  2. Downloaded and messaging from iOS. Sent from my iPhone using Urgent Fury
  3. Welp, just bought the bundle on PS4
  4. Are private matches coming before the rise of iron? I'm going to make the switch to PS4 for this game this week. I'm just so sad I have to regrind everything again. ToM was a bitch to get.
  5. I guess I could just play multiplayer on the PS4
  6. Might be the best news yet. If only I could transfer my account to PS4.
  7. I love Destiny... So does this mean I'm going to have to switch to PS4 on this game? I have so much time invested on the Xbox version. There is no way I would want to start over.
  8. Stopping in to say hi! Was wondering if there were any plans in place for this fall? Sure do miss the good old days.
  9. Yeah if you're looking for those exclusive games.... XBONE is the choice. I feel I may have made the wrong decision when I went XBOX ONE. CoD competitive went PS4, and it also has the extra material for Destiny. I'm probably going to stay put on the XBONE only because of the work I have put into Destiny.... Although I probably could get good money for my XBOX Live account because of the mindless hours I have grinded on Destiny. The Touch of Malice might have been the most tedious work ever..... I hate to admit it.... PS4>XBOX ONE
  10. So what is going to be the next try at tournament play? Seems to be hard to find good clan friendly games anymore. Really do miss the fun.
  11. I'm guessing that might just be in the build now. I would think there is no unlimited sprint... I hope.