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  1. If you still can't decide if you want to join, consider these: Are you tired of playing solo? Are you tired of losing because you are the only person playing the objectives? Do you want to play in competitive leagues? Do you want to join but think your K/D is not good enough? Do you want to get even more enjoyment out of the game? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you should definitely check out HavoC! We are more than just a group of people who game together, we are a brotherhood/sisterhood. We have members from around the world so no matter where you are from, there's always several members online. We play to win and use teamwork to achieve that goal so we don't care about KDRs. But don't be surprised if it goes up! If you want to play in the competitive leagues now or in the future, then we have members who can make that happen. But even if your just in it for the casual play, that's cool too because we have a lot of fun gaming with people who respect one another. So don't wait any longer! Check out the first message in this thread and fill out an app at You won't regret it!
  2. We are HavoC Gaming! Yes the "C" is intentionally capitalized. That aside, if you are ready for a clan that will treat you like a brother or a sister, then we want YOU on our team. To us: a family is a group of people who help each other be the best they can be, which means we are competitive as well. Outside of the game, we are friends, making our bond as a clan stronger. Don't think you have what it takes because your KDR is horrible? Think again. We are looking for friendly team players who know how to have fun. If you want to improve, we can help you. But if you're a player who lives to win, we have a section dedicated for full out competitive play. Our members are diverse in play style, competitiveness, and capabilities. You'll miss out on a huge opportunity if you don't apply, so do it now! You won't regret it! We are currently accepting Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 3 players on PlayStation 3. Here's what we have to offer: ~ Active Leaders (You can almost touch them.) ~ Rank System (There will always be someone to help you out online.) ~ Sponsorship Opportunity (Kontrol Freak and ASTRO, know what I am saying? Everyone loves discounts and free stuff.) ~ Gamers from around the world. (That's right Ladies, guys with HOT accents. Guys this may not apply to you so much. Sorry.) ~ Competitive Tournaments/GB/MLG ~ Maintained, organized forums (Did I mentioned most of our communication is here?) ~ Advancement opportunities (Strive to be your best.) ~ Fun, Family Community (Complete with a pet. Okay, maybe not.) However, we have a limited set of requirements: ~ Must be 16 years or older. ~ Preferred that you own a mic. (Communication is key when getting to know each other.) ~ Must remain active on our site. (We have put countless hours to provide an outstanding website and it is where clan communicates.) ~ Must be a Team Player (This is important for every role, not just for Competitive players.) ~ Must have a good attitude. (Don't let bad games get to you.) ~ Must to be okay with vulgar language. (Part of being mature. Some of us can't manage to censor ourselves in time all the time.) Haven't applied yet? Better click that link then. Have questions? Feel free to ask.