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  1. We are HavoC Gaming! Yes the "C" is intentionally capitalized. That aside, if you are ready for a clan that will treat you like a brother or a sister, then we want YOU on our team. To us: a family is a group of people who help each other be the best they can be, which means we are competitive as well. Outside of the game, we are friends, making our bond as a clan stronger. Don't think you have what it takes because your KDR is horrible? Think again. We are looking for friendly team players who know how to have fun. If you want to improve, we can help you. But if you're a player who lives to wi
  2. If this isn't the proper place for this thread, please feel free to move it to the right one, or just close it all together. Anyways, I was wondering if any Black Ops 2 clans here play League Play, and if so, what division and sub-division are you in. I just thought it would be cool to know if I ended up playing a clan from UF. Unfortunately, I don't know how to look up my division on the CoD website, but I'll be sure to update this once I get home. Solo: Masters (Sub-Division and Rank coming soon) Team 1: Masters (Sub-Division and Rank coming soon) Team 2: Masters (Sub-Division and
  3. Welcome soldier, you are taking the first steps towards becoming one of the legendary 55′s. We shall point you the way but it is up to you to read, listen watch and learn. We are no ordinary clan I assure you and we have been rollin high across the world since 2007. We are very well known and respected throughout the gaming lands and this is down to the activity and conduct of our brothers and sisters at The 55′s. So first things first. If you want to join the 55′s you will have to first Sign Up to the site with your PSN as your username. Fill out our Application Form with the foll
  4. I found a bunch at Grunt Military but they all have white back grounds I need black. I would like some different looking ones.
  5. Do you feel Founders of the clan need to be shown in some sort of form in the rank ladder or they should be a regular member just like anyone else? How does it work in your clan?
  6. How does your clan rank system work and what are the positions title and responsibilities? And how soon can a member move up in your clan in ANY position?
  7. Its true, I have a hell of an addiction. Its called Street Fighter 4. Ever since I picked this game up, I just can't seem to put it down to play another game... I actually slightly care about rank.. Tho I don't know why.. Its like this constant desire to see if ill kick the next persons ass. Im hoping I can pull away from it soon, so I can get back to cod, or [email protected] Lol.. Ugh... anyone wanna fight? Lmao
  8. How do you get the flying Bot and or which class get to use that? How do you do the Ammo crate and which class gets to do that? Tactitioner- Whats his rank up perk? Medic- To Heal Do you use the revive gun or do you have to hit him with a med kit? can't acces
  9. Ok so I have just hopped on to socom and as I am looking over my clan roster I have noticed that a few of my guys have had their all of their stats reset. And with their stats their rank and ratings as well. Now it seems to be only the guys who have been inactive for a couple of days. I checked some other rosters as well and I see the same thing happening to other players. Does anyone know of any explanation for this??
  10. Does anybody know how it works? and also like the Beta if you leave a clan do you lose your rank?
  11. Rank Total Score- 1,138 1,490,188 points Wins- 15,939 5,660 wins Kills- 570 100,542 kills Accuracy- 235,028 19.16% Headshots- 6,422 Assists- 16,664
  12. can someone break down the amount of post you need for each rank. Like i see some ppl have the title "you post to damn much" lol and ive been on this "ops" for some time. should make one of the names "UF Groupie" lol
  13. Alright, we got a new forum rank. lol
  14. Can we get some new ranks? I mean i have been phsyco ops forever now. This is my 600th post and nothing changes. lol...Come on, get us some new ones. The lowest being 100, then 200, and so forth. Just an idea.
  15. i've been having issues with this for idk how long, it wont download, and when it does work normally, i'll play a game, and at the end, it'll say im the very first rank. anybody else having this problem?
  16. It says that all are to have the exact same clan tag....What if a player isn't a sufficient rank to even posses a clan tag?(other then dead meat)
  17. In Call of Duty 4 : MW on the PS3 ONLY there will be a DOUBLE XP weekend. This weekend only starting Friday, December 7. Time to RANK UP... AND OWN.
  18. Just curious- Maybe it was posted, mentioned or changed a long time ago and I just noticed.... looks like I went from hero to phsyco woot! lol
  19. how do i get our tss rank thingy up ..i got the code but what do i do with it ???