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  1. im sorry the clan rep isnt complaining and im sorry if he is but i died in the first round upstairs just off the back stairwell by a martyrdom and it showed on the kill screen as an opposite team players kill we had a couple players kill some people with flash grenades cause they were laughing about it. that was the first round. the second round was an accidentally thrown grenade by us but i know it didnt kill anyone i heard the bang looked at the kill screen and there wasnt a grenade kill. im writing this because i heard someone say a message was posted about it from the other team. i said something in the lobby after the first round and said the players name there was nothing said then to us about us using grenades, because we didnt. my question did we lose? should have been an automatic disqual after the first round. thats all i have to say about that post. AoV w2esl3ey
  2. yea right about losing we are gonna kick the smooches out of the never heard of arizona bound patriots! LOL
  3. wasnt what i was askin was askin whats eveyone think about the two brothers going to the superbowl, thats two rings reguardless in one family and generation of quarterbacks
  4. well the scar on his knee would have to start at his lower right small of his back and angle to the top of his left upper chest over his left and sure ill send you a money order for the popup book..lmao
  5. wow i forgot his name but iseen his picture wow. good thing i didnt watch brokeback mountain id be insulting the hell out of him. im sorry but i just dont like the idea of 2 queer cowboys doesnt fit well.
  6. hey i think itd be wicked with the ogre and a realistic looking fire like hes standing in hell torturing people like he was the childish form of violence and death totake out satan for alittle reason hed be in hell to take out satan if he hadnt already and venture to the surface of the earth to observe what he could because he can now use the evil of satan so he could understand things to learn as an evil as hell wicked ogre... yea itd be about my idea about it if that helps with figuring something out ,, ty and i hope you appreciate the details..LOL
  7. hey id like a sig that looks cool and has a hellish background scheme with totured souls and the green ogre in the middle full body thats on the playstation 3 friends menu face maker and have it say wesley ?s domain.i would appreciate it and ty.
  8. ;D big hurray for the giants its the thing patton manning made it that many times how bout Eli. Think it could be a shocker or is it going to be an upset its about time we?d see Eli on some commercials.