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  1. Welcome to our first blog post from Urgent Fury headquarters. We are going to use this blog to keep the community informed on what we are working on here. We will occasionally post up some reviews or opinion pieces but mainly it will be Urgent Fury updates. When Urgent Fury started back in the Socom days, it was an exclusive invite only community. First you had to run into and play with a clan that was already a member and then you would be invited to go through a selection process called Hell Week. The landscape changed over the years and instead of an exclusive community, we made it a bit easier to be a part of the community. However to this day the Scenario based TacMap events continue to be by invitation only. There are several reasons for this including limited entries and clans will invest their time and attention into them knowing they are part of an event with such limited access. The brain child of original creators @TOW-19 and @SNIPER the Scenario Based TacMap Tournament took clan battles and leagues to a new experience. Suddenly you found your clan having to decide which clan was the best to attack and prepare for defending. Our last TacMap was POW II for Black Ops II, the second iteration of Prisoners of War adding another layer on top of the TacMap. Not only did you attack and defend, if certain parameters were met in a match, you could capture a POW from your opponent and take them out of the event. Every TacMap Tournament is unique to the game and story. The maps and modes each have a purpose, there are unique twists and turns in each event. Our next TacMap in development will be for America's Army Proving Grounds on PlayStation 4. In November we started our selection league called Urgent Fury Boot Camp. While our first season only garnered 9 clans, Season 2 has proven to us that there is a competitive community strong enough to sustain a 13 week TacMap. Yes 13 weeks, and in reality they have gone much longer than that. We proudly share our experience in a TacMap that had to be ended after over 30 weeks because we could not be eliminated out of our last territory. The staff tried everything, the other two clans tried everything, but we would not give up. So the stalemate formula was added to bring the event to an end and finding the final champion. What will the next TacMap have in store? You will just have to wait and see... We will be announcing very soon and remember TacMaps are an invitational only event. To be considered you must have completed a Season of UF Boot Camp with out withdrawing or being removed. Winners of each Season are guaranteed entry as long as they live up to our motto "Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity".
  2. We're inviting you to an exclusive closed beta for our new multiplayer battler, Trans-Galactic Tournament (TGT). Be one of the first in the world to crack skulls in TGT with early access on the PlayStation 4 system. By playing the game and providing feedback, you will help shape TGT into the best game possible. Later this summer, the rest of the PS4 community will play the game you have helped us make. To join the exclusive TGT closed beta, enter the code below on the PlayStation Store, accessible from https://store.playstation.com and the PlayStation 4 system. Space in the beta is limited, so don’t wait to redeem your code! Voucher Code: N525-3PNH-QG6C We would love to hear about your interstellar-combat experience. Give us feedback, and talk to the dev team on the Kiz Studios Forums. Every week there will be a new topic up for debate—be sure to check in often. And don’t forget to livestream your insane battles to prove to the universe you’re the most dangerous player on this or any other planet. The PS4 system hasn’t seen a game like this before, and we’re excited to bring the tournament into your homes with this MVP beta. Thank you for your help and support. See you in the arena! About TGT TGT brings the weirdest, wildest fighters in the universe together to battle in intense 4v4 matches. You customize your Champs, tweak their abilities, and play how you want in 3 unique, action-packed game modes. TGT Features: ● Free-to-Play Multiplayer Combat ● 100+ Power-Ups, 60+ Skins and Emotes, 30+ Weapons ● 3 Game Modes Across 6 Battle Arenas ● Trophies and Daily Challenges ● Competitive Leaderboards ● Ranked and Practice Game Modes ● FREE Weekly Champion Rotation To learn more about TGT, check out playtgt.com or look us up on Facebook. Note: During closed beta, currency, characters, and items will be available for purchase. Any purchases you make during closed beta will carry over into open beta and full release. At the conclusion of closed beta, we will reset the leaderboards in preparation for open beta.
  3. If you missed your chance to get a beta code when we were dishing them out first come first serve, we want to give you another chance to get in before PlayStation Plus members come in on Jan. 8th. <script src="//www.punchtab.com/mast/14554/giveaway_widget.js"></script> Remember this is only good for SCEA (Americas)
  4. <script src="//www.punchtab.com/mast/7765/giveaway_widget.js"></script> So if you did not see the Sony Press Conference last week, then you may have not heard that the New PlayStation Plus has some huge news! Get Your Instant Game Collection Immediate access to a library of Great Games New titles arriving all the time Exclusive access to game betas, demos and feature Visit http://us.playstation.com/psn/playstation-plus/ for more details about PlayStation Plus
  5. http://community.us.playstation.com/thread/4699021
  6. I was just wondering if anyone else was going to watch it tonight. In case you don't know how just go into the "What's New" section under Playstation Network.
  7. The Clan Vengeance's Artillery is a new clan we have a member count of 6 or so (this count was taken when I posted this thread) we are looking to recruit mature members. (NOT referring to age but the "manner" of the person) You also need a mic so you can "strategize" if you are going to get a mic soon but don't have one you may join, but you must have a date that you will get you mic. All you need to do to join is message general_choi on PSN to join the clan. Thanks for reading, see you on the battlefield!
  8. Ubisoft has revealed that the long-awaited beta test for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will begin on April 19 and run through May 2; it'll be available on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And check this video out about Ghost Recon Netwrok. He mentions "manage your squads" at the 1:04 mark and then immediately after that it appears the names have clan tags in front of them.
  9. We’ve been hard at work collecting and working on your feedback and suggestions, and are now happy to report that the next patch for Battlefield 3 will be released for PlayStation 3 on the 27th of March. More information on Xbox 360 and PC will come soon. This patch includes many gameplay tweaks and balances; several suggested by you. The full list of changes and updates is as follows. This update will also bring the “Rent a Server†functionality to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. For more updated information on this functionality, check back next week. src: http://blogs.battlefield.com/2012/03/game-update-will-drop-on-the-27th-of-march-for-playstation-3-xbox-360-and-pc-will-come-soon/
  10. Hey guys, PSN is MyDogisLola. I'm use to everyone in the community calling me Lola, so its no big deal. I'm part of Divine Knights. I know quite a few people that play in UF tournys, but I've never participated in one. I look forward to competeing against the teams that participate here.
  11. Hello, First timer here from Divine knights.......anyone know how in the team member views how some people have names and psn together like Lobos (lobos12)? Thanks!
  12. i did not see a scetion for scrims we are looking to scrim any clan we will discuss the maps with leaders if interested add me on psn= PruDencE- heres a clan battle we did
  13. I am just curious how often other gamers have the infamous PS3 freeze. I'm also curious as to what games it freezes on. I get a freeze about every other time I turn on the machine. It has never done it loading movies. Games it has done it on: Socom Confrontation Socom 4 Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas Battlefield 3 Star hawk Tiger Woods
  14. My platform is PS3. Any further queries just PM me. Not the best but not the worst and can get things done most of the time.
  15. Go to the Community Theater today and watch Episode 14 as we discuss the top games for 2012 and get the swag shown below
  16. Havent been on this website in years. I used to be in [iMr]Immortals socom and cod. Just wanted to see whats up. Im in a tournament from this website. Clan im rolling woth now is The Uprising. My psn is OCHO-- Im on that MW3 and GT5
  17. We currently only have 45 codes for Europe/Austrailia... You will need to register on the Urgent Fury site to be able to fill out the Entry Form. Thank you to all who participated, maybe we will have additional codes soon.
  18. There have been some misunderstandings around Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield 3. To address this we are making Battlefield 1943 available free of charge to owners of Battlefield 3 on the PS3. Vouchers will be made available for these customers via this site for a minimum of six months. Battlefield 1943 PlayStation®3 vouchers will be available beginning on the dates below: Battlefield 1943 PlayStation®3 vouchers are available now for PlayStation®Network Sony Europe Battlefield 1943 PlayStation®3 vouchers are available now for PlayStation®Network Sony America December 17th, 2011 for Battlefield 3 players on PlayStation®Network Sony Asia and Sony Japan Please note that vouchers are region-specific. Sony Europe vouchers will only work in Europe and will not work in America, Asia, or Japan. Get your voucher Here.
  19. This week, Home and PSN will go offline for some scheduled back-end maintenace in addition to the usual Thursday Home content update publish. Here's the schedule: MONDAY: 10pm (Pacific) / 1am Tuesday (Eastern), Home will go offline. 4am (Pacific) / 7am (Eastern), Home will re-open. THURSDAY: 8am (Pacific) / 11am (Eastern), PSN services will go offline. 7pm (Pacific) / 10pm (Eastern), PSN services will re-open. Thank you for your patience, and we'll see you on the other side!
  20. just to let any1 who reads this im on ps3 my psn name is Tommy_Greenbank i play call of duty black ops and resistance 3 im happy to play with any1
  21. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/10/03/introducing-only-on-psn-for-new-exclusive-games-throughout-october/ Now granted, it doesn't mention SOCOM in this blog, but the fact they are releasing PS2 games is definitely promising. They say they are "offering a selection of rare classic games." Meaning PS2 games. Comment 195. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/10/03/introducing-only-on-psn-for-new-exclusive-games-throughout-october/comment-page-4/#comment-650488 Guys, im pretty sure its a lot more than just allowing certain PS2 games to work on the PS3 now. I am quite positive they are taking the PS2 copy and then modifying it to work on the PS3 – its not just ripping it to an ISO and releasing it onto PSN. They are converting it for use on PS3, its more than just emulating it. Response: this. Also; it will be relatively in the Publisher’s court to clear content. We can’t do anything without the original publisher’s consent to release. So what is more classic on the PS2 than SOCOM? Keep your fingers crossed you old-schoolers! And get on Zipper to give Sony the go-ahead.
  22. last I heard this patch will come out sometime in September. Haven't seen anything posted up here on it yet, so here it is... ---------- 1.05 Update This patch is still a work in progress, so not everything that will hopefully make it in when it's done is included here (and I'm not going to call out each of the minute bug fixes), but we wanted to give everyone some idea of the bigger things to expect from 1.05: Party leader may now optionally allow other party members to invite other players into the party Classic mode mic system changed to be open Knife swipe exploit fixed (the knife no longer silences footsteps) SMG accuracy reduced over distance - tuned for up-close battles rather than long-distance kills Fixed Classic Bomb Squad double round win bug Fixed grenade launcher bug where firing over cover or at long distances could kill you Firing mechanic changes introduced in 1.04 have been rolled back (tapping to fire is now more accurate again) Several level collision issues fixed Games queues will be able to be adjusted much more easily and quickly (i.e. we'll be refreshing the queues right after launch) There have also been lots of bug fixes to the party system, clan system, UI in general and between-round transitions (i.e. less crashes). Also, a big item that's currently under investigation is the number of headshots in the game. We all know that there are too many, so the team is looking at how we might be able to counter that for the patch. It's not an issue with the size of the hitbox (that's been checked over and over), so it's not a simple fix, and any changes to the damage system in general could have adverse effects on other parts of the game if not handled carefully. So, as mentioned, that's a big TBD on if and how it would be changed, but it's certainly being looked at and will be dealt with if possible. The ETA on the patch is currently mid- to late-September. That's about all the info that we have for the moment. We'll do our best to answer any questions that we can, though what you see just about covers what we know over here. -------------------- Chris Roper Zipper Interactive --------------------
  23. Head over to www.thegamefanatics.com where you can check out this article about our upcoming Resistance 3 tournament: http://thegamefanatics.com/ready-resistance-3-prepare-days/

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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