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  1. So I logged in today and I see that I have a friends request from hgielik. I don't know who this person is, but in their request they said they were from UF and that I was starting a new clan. This was surprising news to me because I am in fact NOT starting a new clan and don't intend to even leave *L*P*K*. So I was curious if anyone knows this person or even recognizes their name? If not, you guys/gals should at least be on the lookout because we don't need any rumors starting about clans breaking up or people leaving, etc...
  2. could i get a sig request for my clan.? its one thing we need on r list..
  3. Can someone make this image green, instead of red? And also put a clover leaf behind it?
  4. I know there are a ton a creative minds here so I am just gonna post what I would like and let you have all the fun with it. Ok so here is what I had in mind my clan tag is [syM] Clan name is "Shut Your Mouth" good clan name for me right lol, but I would like to have a remembrance of JyK in the sig like a heart with JyK on it or something like that and then my name and clan name. Colors really dont matter and a boarder dont matter either just make it a bad ass sig please! Thanks
  5. Im looking for a sig to be made up that has a Marine Corps EGA in it and a the background to have the american flag in the back with my name in the bottom. If anyone can help me it out it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hey guys, I attempted GIMP and Photoshop to do this... I'm just not good at stuff like this. Here's what I need: 1) A metallic circle on the left side filled in with a blue background with a silhouette of an old day ship (like a pirate ship) on top (please try to make it look cool). 2) Connected to the right of the circle, I need about a 600x200 px section surrounded by a metallic border 3) Leave the inside of the border transparent, as this will be edited by every member of my clan 4) Inside the border, at the bottom, leave a space that fits into the border, the same color as the border, with about enough space for about a size 16 text 5) Underneath the border, have some blue-ish white text that says rocktheboat.freeforums.org (please leave this far out enough so it can be edited, we are going to buy a custom website soon) 6) Make everything look kind of shiny on the border, thus the metallic. I don't want a matte color all the way around. I want it to actually look like metal plating 7) (not required) if possible, it would be cool to add some wire-ish things coming off the border. 8.) Also, if you could make the circle with the ship inside separate as well as in the temp, that would be great! Thanks guys, hope I'm not asking too much.
  7. Hey. I would like to request a sig, I am not talented enough to make one. Could someone please make a sig for me. I do not care if you run on the joke that I am Dasher the reindeer, lol. Or you could do something with a reindeer with a sythe or like eating a body or something that would be tight. Just some ideas. I appreciate it.
  8. Hey guys im not exactly sure wat would go with this name but i just really want a cool sig! any help?
  9. Im new to this clan thing and im looking for someone who could make a cool signature for my clan the grim reapers children your help is greatly appreciated
  10. Hey guys i was looking for a new sig. I'm a little bored with the standard rectangle, and noticed alot of your sigs are pretty insane. Would like the sig just to have my name and tags on it. A render is totally up to you, would prefer maybe a wizard. Same with colors.Much appreciated!!!
  11. Hey guys I haven't been posting too much over the summer and now into winter but I am starting to get back into the swing of things. Anyone who was on my old list Art-Man please update your friends list and shoot me a new request as my new name has been changed to l-Crazy_Canuck-l. I look forward to hooking up with all the clans that I used to.
  12. Hey guys wats up? i was wondering if somebody could make me a sig that has the flexible green character gumby acting gangster. with maybe a brick background with my name in greeen spraypaint graffiti on it. O and if possible i dont really like plain rectangle sigs. so maybe have it to an outline of the bricks. Please!
  13. hey guys i was wondering is somebody could make me a sig with the gumby character? maybe him all gangsta with a graffiti brick wall in the background with my name on it thanks
  14. hey i was just wondering if someone would be able to make me a sig? i would like to have it do something with a blackhawk if thats possible... thanks
  15. Ok i found my way here as per you guys...sorry bout that....SO here i am looking for a sig.. Apoc is short for Apocalypse ummm i like these quotes "“It is not sufficient that I suceed - all others must fail.â€" "“I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.""
  16. I'm currently looking for a sig if you couldnt tell. The only thing that I really want in it would be my clan tag and my name somewhere on it. As for the sig im going to let your creativeness show for what it will look like since this is going to be a little challenge as I want to see what you can come up with just by name ReBels-InSanIty. Who ever decides to do this I thank you for the time and effort that you put in the sig and also thank you for taking up this little challenge.
  17. I'm making this request on behalf of one of my clan members, he's off to work. (WOLF)walrusoflove26 would like the staff here at UF to make a sig for him. You guys did well with mine (it's also being updated), so he'd like one also. Thanx again, and you guys Rock!
  18. Looking for a simple sig... something with my new name "AT3Navy" and maybe a Free-Agent idea or concept with it... any takers?
  19. So... cKs definitely has some good designers, but none of them have the time to make signatures for the clan. I mean, one of them is our fearless leader and he definitely doesn't have the time. What with all his officering and stuff. So I was wondering if anybody would like to make us a signature template. All you other clan's have one.
  20. so by request here are pics of the stars tshirt to show the quality of the shirts we went with the premium black shirts which according to my officer is really good quality feels comfortable and the inlay is awesome
  21. Hey guys, Im looking for a specific sig. Im looking for a render of a psycho chef for a sig. Border and coloring is to be determined by the maker. I cant find anything for the life of me. i just dont know where to find these types of things. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps. PS to Tool Minion. I am not retiring the sig you made me. I just have wanted my chef sig for a long time now, lol.
  22. Will here it goes Iv never really requested a sig since I all ways did my own work, but I'm coming to terms of change isn't all ways bad. So Id like to see what you guys can come up with. I like dark, creepy, and out of the box type style themes. Here are a few images I liked so if you can come up with something that fits me that would be kool. -Aud- http://img76.imageshack.us/i/u2368xm4.jpg/#q=creepy%20wallpaper http://wall.alphacoders.com/images/Dark/thumbbig-Dark-Creepy-33191.jpg
  23. i got an idea for a sig but im not sure how hard it will be to make it. basically what i want is a sig that has the grim reaper leaning up against a car and has "guess now its your time to die since im here" written in it somewhere with my name spdstr25 and [JyK] tag in it. for the colors i was thinking of having it black/gray, white and maybe red in it. who ever wants to make this take your time with it since i do want it to look badass.
  24. The Chosen Few are looking for six war hungry soldiers ready for battle.If you think you can follow orders and rules of the Chosen Few please send me a friend request.You will also be needed to be on at these days and times.Mon,Wed,Fri at 8:00pm eastern for practice.Tue,Thu,Fri at 9:30pm eastern for wars.

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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