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  1. I will try to reset it again
  2. on the forums try to reset it or on the gaming league? If I try the forgot password on the gaming league I never get an email.
  3. I wish man but no. I have logged of the UF forums and logged back in just to make sure it was the right one. still nothing.
  4. You have specified an Invalid Login ID and or Password! Anyway I try to log on this is what I get.
  5. Hey guys is there anyone that can help em out. I can not log into the UFGL.
  6. We are still looking for some active guys. It would be nice to play with some guys who are in the community. Come check us out. If your interested do fill in a form below and we will get back to you. PSN: Primary Position: Secondary Position: Favorite Position: Past Clubs: Playing Times: Thanks The Uprising.
  7. Hey guys not sure if any of you play or still play Fifa or not but I am looking to get a BAP club going. So if anyone is interested please come check us out. The Uprising FC
  8. Path that one looks sweet good shit.
  9. google video had it when I looked for it.
  10. MIwanski

    Hey Didn't

    Thanks for the Congrats everyone. And thanks to Tow, Sniper, Bandit and Dub for making it possible. I know we had a great time in our first tac map as The Uprising and hope this will not be the last.
  11. Yeah dude that does look good.