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  1. Please visit the 2009 black info section for important information regarding the playoffs. Please let your clan leader, or clan rep know, that it is important that they visit this section ASAP! Thanks.
  2. WOW! Well said. I couldn't agree with you more !!!
  3. Well, your girls have made it this far, don't stop voting for them now!! Post your ULTIMATE pic, and vote away. 2 days, and UF's Hottest Girl will be crowned. Have fun guys!!
  4. Yes, that did confirm it for me. Jessica Alba it is...for certain. Thanks for the help. ;D
  5. Can't belive Jessica Simpson didn't get through. The only other worst thing, is that Evangeline Lilly won't win the whole thing. I will cry myself to sleep :'(
  6. Post your BEST pics to help us vote for your girl. Let the HOT pics begin!!
  7. Please post your BEST pics to make it easy for us to vote. Let the hot pics begin.
  8. You guys are nothing shy of STUPID. Kate Beckinsale over Megan Fox.....WTF!!!! I am shocked. No, more than shocked...stupified. WOW! What the hell is this world coming too?
  9. Welcome aboard the greatest tournament gaming site on the planet. Look around, make yourself at home, and should you have questions, don't be afraid to ask. And thanks for the compliment on the babe contest. I think there are quite a few that are enjoying it.
  10. Oh, and by the way. I chose to show results after you vote.
  11. BUMP!!! There are several clans that have not accepted thier invite to the playoffs. You have a few more days left, and then YOU ARE OUT!! Don't say you weren't warned. All clans should be checking into the forums DAILY, during tournament times.
  12. Okay, we are re-voting on this one. Post your pics as you did before. The poll will be open for 24 hours, and hopefull THIS time Jessica will win!! VOTE NOW!!
  13. Please report and reply to the following thread in the Black Info Center A.S.A.P. TIME SENSETIVE MATERIAL!!! Thank you.