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  1. Sup Rebel yes long time no see. My biggest complaint was 5 v 5 limitation. Would of like to see an 8v8.
  2. While the public system is great for exactly what you said, it would not allow for team vs team games, whether it be just in a bragging rights game or tournament setting, so thanks Shane, for answering the question as I thought you had told me once before they would but you know that Father Time is catching up with me, lol.
  3. Agree with Bull and Navie, however my issue is there was no way to create a private room. I can't remember if they stated they would have them in the finished game or not, does anyone know?
  4. My condolences to Dave's family as well as his extended family SHO and to all those who have had the pleasure of knowing him.
  5. Het did someone mention grumpy old man?
  6. We'll there is small claims court. Most states have a 7,500 limit but something is more than nothing. Hell get some exposure while your at it. Try judge Judy or Judge Alex or one of while I lol, I am actually being serious.
  7. Bandit99


    My condolences to you and your family.
  8. How about this idea for any future pay for tournies. You set a small roster size that is adequate for the tourney and then any extra roster spots have a per spot user fee, if you will. Example: Say when we did black tournies and they were 6v6. You would allow teams a free 8-10 man roster. The fee for the tourney is say $20.00. Any roster spot over the max size would have an small extra roster spot fee, per extra spot of between $2 & $4 . So if you submit a 10 man roster for the tourney your cost is $20, however if you submit a roster with 20 names, your team would have to pay extra for the 10 extra names on the roster. Larger Tac map tournies where battles are 8 v 8 and larger, you allow teams a free 16-20 man roster and additional spot cost between $2 and $4. This also has the potential to cut down on teams adding player names for ringers.
  9. Hey fellas, Thanks for the bday wishes.
  10. As stated I played last night and I do not get any feedback coming back. It works perfect.
  11. Which headset do you all speak of? I have the $99 dollar one and have no issue.
  12. While there have been a couple of good commercials so far this Super Bowl, IMO without question the one at the end of halftime with Clint Eastwood is without a doubt one of the best commercials ever.