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  1. High-Def

    ATTN: All

    Dv8 Clan, not Dv8 News, made a simple statement about passing on participating in the rest of Urgent Fury's Riot Act and, unfortunately, unbeknownst to us, a Dv8 member overstepped his bounds. We planned on making a statement on the reasons why we are no longer going to be a part of this tournament, but we were trying to find the most politically correct words to explain without airing out dirty laundry. It appears that some of you decided to make your own assumptions and accuse us of doing something that is certainly not true. What's more, UF community members such as Pathogen and WiZ, chose to add their negativity on the situation that has nothing to do with them, as they always do. First let me say, iLL and SHO are one of the major reasons why we choose not to participate in this tournament, but not the main or only reason. We have no want to be a part of a tournament that supports clans like these that are no better than the horrible clans you find in Gamebattles. Urgent Fury advertises Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity, but it appears that neither of the above stated clans have either Honor or Dignity. They push their way around the forums and situations that don't involve them and are allowed to do so because of how long they've been participating in UF. In fact, they seem to always use that as a crutch for the baseless arguements they start with so many here and, amazingly enough, get away with it. In the short time, as everyone is so quick to point out, that we've been a part of this tournament, we've seen clans leave and never come back. We witnessed an "evaluation" period that we're still wondering what the point of it was for. There appears to be, per capita, the same amount of drama and cheating that occurs on Gamebattles, except Gamebattles has a rule for every situation, it appears the rules here in Urgent Fury, are subject to change per their creators discretion. As a clan, this saddens us greatly because we have made many friends and met many respectable clans and gamers here, but we, as leaders, must do what is in the best interest of OUR clan. We could not, in all good conscience, continue to put our clan through this. It was not our intention to harm any of the remaining respectable clans currently battling in Riot Act and we sincerely apologize if this has disrupted your clans enjoyment of the tournament. Dv8 News will continue to inform Playstation gamers about the Urgent Fury tournaments in the best light possible, as well as all the other tournaments/ladders available to the Playstation gamers and let them make the decision for themselves. Thank you to all the respectable clans we had the opportunity to battle during Riot Act and we wish you the best of luck in the remainder of the tournament.
  2. High-Def

    ATTN: All

    I just like how its cool for other people (check your clan) to be disrespectfull, but if one of my members does it you all jump all over it. I have dealt with M4. Keep your own doorstep clean. I have not been disrespectfull at all. I just said we're out. I also enjoy how when iLL backs out of a CHAMIONSHIP match is all "It's their decision leave them alone". But when we I make a clan decision it's "disrespectfull". So again keep your own doorstep clean. Also, as for Ringers don't make me laugh. People who know us know thats just not possible Dv8's Second rule is no cheating of any kind, the first is HAVE FUN. Again thank you to all the CLANs we had the chance to Battle and good luck to all of the CLANs still in it. ;D
  3. High-Def

    ATTN: All

    Again thank you to all the CLANs we Battled, and good luck to all the CLANs here.
  4. High-Def

    ATTN: All

    Due to certain circumstances Dv8 is backing out of the tournament. Thanks you to all the Honorable clans we battled. And good luck to all the clans in the rest of the tournament.
  5. Unfortunatly we cannot all see eye to eye. Many insults were thrown around, she chose to keep it open in the public and others said just as bad even worse (IMO) in private. I hope other people's ban and ANOUNCMENT of ban will be coming soon. This is an open forum I believe and yes, everyone should be held accountable for their actions thats why I have no problem expressing my feelings that as profesionalism goes (that has been brought into question) it is very unprofessional to ANNOUNCE a ban and call someone out as an individual. I agree that the cursing was a bit out of order but so were a great many things said by others. And as for droping it. It was dropped days ago only to resurface to us through more pm's and now a public announcment of 1 persons ban seems like overkill and over compensation in an already bad situation.
  6. Congratulations to LPK on winning. I'm sorry UF, Dv8, and iLL could not all agree on this matter. Dv8News not Dv8 the clan was given verbal and written consent to record the final match for every ones viewing pleasure and excitement. Dv8 is here to promote the gamers not the game makers. We feel the greatness is in the gaming not the games themselves. Personal attacks were thrown at my Co-Leader and fiance' and she has every right to defend herself. I have instructed her to post the PM's for everyone to view the evidence for themselves. This matter is dead to us beyond that. We would like to extend an open mind and again an open meeting place for all gamers with good attitudes and something to say. And yes we should all read the rules again. Carfully thought out insults here do not counter act nasty PM's and overall bad attitudes. This is a great community and nothing or no one should interupt that, no matter how great a clan feels they are. I feel my clan is great as well and I still congratulate LPK on a well fought tourney and deeply regret iLLs decision to back out. This would have been like watching the superbowl. We look forward to future recording of championship matches. Good Day Dv8...High-Def...Non Contemno!
  7. Congrats LPK...enjoy your win no matter what
  8. One of the most memorable matches of my online gaming career. Thanks for putting my PhatGrips to the test.
  9. I think this is really the biggest point right here.... Thanks for the info. Agreed.
  10. This Game is GREAT! If you like a more tactical Team Based game, this is for you. The graphics smoke CoD4 IMO (the only thing is some of the building look better in cod, but everything else, players, weapons, smoke grenades and most of the environment is way better) especially with the Face Mapping feature (I'm in the game)! Even Apple says it looks just like me its kinda creepy. The game play is not slower, just more realistic, especially with the added sprint function. But alot of CoD players won't understand this game if you are just a run and gunner. If you have a more tactical mind and can set up your squad and have good communication you will have a blast. Just my 2 cents Non Contemno!