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  1. Obviously because your the only one that can hold a mature debate I did nothing but state facts about why the rpgs are not a BS weapon. Bro I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about these BS challenges going on in the backround and BS talking about yesterdays match. Dude did I say anything about you? I just don't get. I thanked the people like you who actually helped the debate and tossed clear facts? Why are you offended by my comment? Malunymets granted you haven't called me out by name or the Hollow Ground memebers in the war last night but the innuendos of people who use them are garbage and have talent and skill is the same thing. Granted you said thanks for the input but at the same time your being disrespectful to us. This is how these little squabbles start, so I would appreciate the debate not talk about how people who use a weapon that is legal in the UF wars as "GARBAGE". Believe me the guns are plenty hot..
  2. Obviously because your the only one that can hold a mature debate I did nothing but state facts about why the rpgs are not a BS weapon.
  3. I guess I didn't see the date I just know it was up immediately after our war last night so for that I apologize. There are some names being tossed around clearly disrespectful without saying any individual names or teams. Don't make it right, I see this going south so I will stop posting. I have made my points... Goodluck against those that use UF allowed weapons.
  4. "Finally Goat..." Oh Please... The damn RPG is not only an anti-vehicle oridnance, again go read up the history on of the RPGs. They are now used mainly for destroying tanks and man-portable vehicles. They originated by be used to take out fixed positions or camping spots for the anti-tactical mind. And well since you want to talk about last nights war perhaps you should release all the facts. The fact is the rpg never hit you, because I f'd up and hit the ledge in front of me and it fluffed and gave my position away in which I was trying to avoid in the first place. Therefore I had to leave my position and go after you and kill you. Basically this whole thread was started because of the use of rpgs in our war last night. Now your all entitled to your opinions but I have given you nothing but facts.
  5. i never seen anyone specifically say ARMORED VEHICLES in any post... i think we meant anything with wheels, even a carriage. Well to be honest with you a tank was mentioned and it is an armored vehicle, and there are armored hmmv's also and like you said they are a wheeled chasis.
  6. Well see there you go again you can't fire an rpg from 10" away it won't fire it will just make a fluff sound and give you some smoke. Then the person your shooting it at gets to own you as you try to reload for the second shot. BUT... Now it will fire from 3-4 feet away and although it wont explode it will go through somone and there for killing them. Anything further away than that is an awesome display of fire power. ;D
  7. I never said anyting about realism, so again everyone is hung up on there only intent was for stopping armored vehicles. I stated facts that there only intent is not just for vehicles, and that is not an opinion that is fact. So ok fine you think it is cheap and I thinking camping a corner and waiting for someone to run up to it is cheap. Now those are two opinions. An rpg can not be arc'd across the map and kill someone from spawn to spawn. An rpg can not be fired while moving at all, unlike a 203 or an GL when one is running around. Again there go them facts..
  8. Ok here is the thing everyone is hung up on RPG's and AT-4's only purpose is for stopping tanks and/or armored vehicles. The reality of this is that these weapons are used against infantry all the time. For instance how many war movies have seen were two guys are sitting in a firehole and someone yells RPG... boom they are all dead. WTF the enemy didn't use it on a vehicle OMG I am gonna raise the bull shit flag, give them boys back there lives. I don't think it works like that ask anyone who has served in the military or is serving in the military it just doesn't happen like that. MaCoo that is a movie yeah and this is a video game. People need to do there research not a single one of us know the intent of the programmers for this game. Besides they are trying to make a video game as close to reality as they can and still make it playable. I did the research for you and when in doubt wiki it.. Warheads The HE (high explosive) warhead is a general-purpose explosive warhead for use against unarmored targets such as infantry, unarmored wheeled vehicles, and fixed positions. The HE warhead detonates upon impact. The warhead case and charge generate a moderate amount of fragmentation, which can pass through many obstacles without stopping. Unarmored targets such as infantry -> someone trying to run across the map and avoid a sniper shot but not my RPG. ;D Unarmored wheeled vehicles -> terrorist trucks from socom 3 and CA... Still died from my RPG... Fixed positions -> someone camping a corner and using 3rd person vision to see further then they really could and popping out to kill a enemy target... unless it is me and then you get a rocket up your ass.. FAIR IS FAIR... don't debate the realism of a game when you obviously wouldn't pop out from behind a wall and drop someone with a head shot with one shot, again all the time your using the 3rd person vision of the video game.
  9. I don't think camping a corner that has a narrow path to it takes much skill either you throw a nade and they run away, you pop out with an rpg they die. When they fix the nades I will gladly put down the rpg's that is how I feel about it. Debate on...
  10. Brock should have won the Mir fight the first time, Mir won't get lucky the next time around. Watching the Couture vs Lesnar fight was like watching a Bull Mastif having sex with a poodle. Now I like Couture but Brock is a man beast and will continue to get better, Sylvia was a fluke Brock will be around for some time. Brock will be tough to beat from here on out, Mir will get punished the next time he meets Brock mark my words on that.
  11. @ $85.00++ a pop for seats I want to party with you at the track.. I went to the Bristol race in 2000 and on the way to the track for the Busch race we thought it would be a fun game to drink everytime we saw an "Ohio" license plate. Well need less to say by the time we got to the botton of the hill to go up to the track we were turning around for more beer and stopped playing the "OHIO - DRINK!!!" game. Who'da thunk'd it ??? ;D
  12. Congrats - A job well done. Now we can call you all the Jolly Roger Clan... ;D
  13. Many of us have been playing with the new patch for the last few days, I have seen a decrease in the amount of time it takes a room to load. I have also seen that a preset room in a server takes 1/3 the time to load into game then a created room. It also seems to run a bit better then a created room, problems is you have to deal with the rift raft which hasn't been to bad. Right now it seems to be all the die hard SOCOMers.
  14. Are you all talking about Dat one Guy who works for Slant 6 or Dat other guy. ???
  15. I didn't think he was being a smart ass, just trying to answer his question. :-\