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  1. I woke up Sat. morning to almost 3 feet of snow. It mostly fell in my neighborhood. About 3 miles all around us they only got about 8 inches. Unsesaonably warm and dry the day before. It was up to the door on my mailbox the next day. Now today it's supposed to be 45 and rainy?
  2. I'm lovin the M40A5. I just wish I could have the Bi-Pod and the straight pull bolt at the same time.
  3. Yes it would have been epic without being planned but pretty cool anyways. I got a 305m headshot on a chopper pilot on Oman last night. I was on top of the tall hotel and dropped that bird instantly. I wish he was close enough for me to jump in.
  4. Fast forward to 4:30 to see an epic snipe.
  5. 497M I was on top of the Trainyard roof on the canals and popped his melon on the deck of the Aircraft carrier trying to get in a chopper. The damn bullet must have dropped 50ft by the time it hit. LOL nighthawk, how the hell do you get over 600m? I don't think there's a map long enough.
  6. I just said "That's what probably what triggered the reply". It just goes back to the past when Skype, Aim, cellphones or whatever were used as an advantage. Never accused anyone of cheating or even that it's wrong. I think with the chat system and everything else it's a moot point in games anymore. And Joe? WTF? That's like hearing my grandma drop an F bomb! lol And I love me some BF3!
  7. Is that a new site? YouTude. Post your videos with Tude!!!
  8. Vanessa Minillo, Julianne Hough, Milla Jovovich....
  9. This happens to me sometimes, usually when I turn the game on. I already have a message saying you're 0-16.
  10. I think this is what probably triggered the reply. We (TNU) require all members & Recruits to create or use a valid skype & Vent account.
  11. Not a glitch. All you have to do is enter letters from the keyboard. I'm pretty sure the devs put it in there on purpose. I mean it has their own controller buttons. Same for xbox. It's not like someone has to write their own code for it. It's just a gimmick for kids to have fun with.
  12. Hmmm... mine won't. no matter how hard I tug it. I guess I take it back. I did notice some loss of equilibrium after wearing it for hours at a time.
  13. Is it just me? When I pull the microphone out, it doesn't lock into place. It kinda just hangs there. Still works, but just kinda bugs me.

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