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  1. Depending on what they called in and what happen else where when the police was called away should determine the punishment. Like if the cops where on a BS swatting call and a mall was shot the fuck up and more people died when lives could have been save then I believe 10 years is a good number. How many til they're 18 in juvenile detention and the rest in prison. I'm a firm believer in spare the rod, spoil the child. Kids today need a ass whoopin and they need to know if you fuck up then prepare for what's to come. Oh and I have a kid who is 7 and he knows when he messes up to come clean.
  2. I will notify RVN leaders and see what the have to say.
  3. I saw that after posting here. Like I said over there , BF4, destiny beta, and a few play COD
  4. Raven (Rogue 7 & APC) still kicking it
  5. You can also share weapons and such across character
  6. What does UF think about the beta. The game all-around to me has a good feel to it. The AI isn't completely stupid and offers a challenge for the most part. My only gripe really is the multi-player, it really does suck going against someone two levels above you but that can be over come.
  7. Hey doc, how you been man? Let me see if I can account for some folks. Gunny and I are with Raven, along with cbei, and HR although I don't think you played with them. Viper is working with the H-hour folks so his gaming a low at the moment. Rumpo is leading a new clan, can't remember the name. DirtyFrank is waiting to get a ps4 for h-hour. Oh Chronic is at raven also he's been busy so no gaming for him. Benzolamas is still folding around and I don't know what happen to RNG Sent from my XT603 using Tapatalk 2
  8. Welcome back man sent from space and the speed of. ....
  9. Long time indeed, nice to see ya back man sent from space and the speed of. ....
  10. I don't mind the noob snipers anymore, I see them as practice shots. Sent from my XT603 using Tapatalk 2
  11. BF4 upgrade from the psn and picking up black flag tonight when I get the ps4
  12. Helo flying I have close to bf3 so I'm good there but jets is a no go for me. Sniping I need that vapor trail gone, it fucks. With me