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  1. that is either awesome or ridiculous lol. id take it though, as long as someone else wanted to pick up the power bill each month. as for the game, iracing is pretty intense. its a hardcore simulator. theres not a lot to compare with it right now, but project cars will be close when its released.


    anyone playing this?
  3. books wont make you a better supervisor. from my experience, and this is only my opinion based on that experience, theres two things you should consider to be a good supervisor. 1. think about the supervisors youve had in the past. what made each one good and bad? why did you like one and not another? more than likely, the things that made you like a supervisor made everyone like that supervisor. try to learn from what each of those people offered. 2. this is very important. upper management may choose you to be the supervisor, but its the people below you that choose you to be their l
  4. if there is a 6 month delay in private servers, that would make them available just about the same time that the division and mgs 5 drop, making the servers pretty much useless lol.
  5. i was a supervisor for an oilfield company for a few years, and the best thing i could tell you is to find a way to make it interactive. if you can find a way to include the group your teaching, they have more fun and participation keeps their interest. i would also vote against outdoors. too many distractions usually, unless its something that requires an outdoor environment. i did a lot of various safety training for our employees. it gets boring fast, and is usually repeated yearly, so keeping it interesting was always a challenge.
  6. supposedly (lol) one of the devs on hardline is a pretty active redditor, and has posted that the private servers will not be available at launch, and could be as far out as 6 months, although he is pushing for a much smaller delay. note - this is info i read, in a post by someone who read the devs post on reddit, so i am in no way claiming this to be gospel
  7. The Skull and Bones clan is looking to make a return to competitive gaming here at Urgent Fury. For those who dont know us, we have been around for 8 years, and many of us played at UF with other clans before SxB was started. We competed in many UF events throughout the years, and have one tacmap championship under our belt. We will be moving into Battlefield:Hardline with a good roster, as well as many players looking for competitive racing on Project Cars. We are hoping to see some of the old guard here, as well as meet many new people in the next few months.
  8. my clan is looking to make a return to urgent fury with the release of hardline, but we are wondering if there are any other interested clans, or if urgent fury has any plans to run a tournament for this game. we look forward to playing here again, as we have been out of competitive gaming for quite some time.
  9. wow, a goat post. cant remember the last time I read one of those. what a nice surprise!!!
  10. oh, and lastly, I have 2000 user points for something. what exactly do I do with my points and what do they mean?
  11. so I spent ayear working in north Dakota, with no internet and only single player gaming.didn't have a lot of activity with my own clan, and even less here. now that Ihave full time access, and trying to get my clan back over to urgent fury, imgot a few questions to help me clarify things within my own clan.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> <!--[if !supportLists]-->1. <!--[endif]-->Is there any way to collapse all the ribbons and stuffsurrounding the posts? If someone posts one line or two, the post disappearsbetween all the shit on top and all the shit on bottom
  12. hey iridium... what games do you know of that have been ported to pc? every game built by every publisher is created on a pc. for years now, the standard pc game has been written for directcx, which the xbox 360 utilized, and which is a huge reason xbox saw games and patches earlier than ps3 guys. the ps4 is finally going to have directx so there will be no more ports for the playstation faithful. but I really want to know where your info is coming from? name one game dreated on a console and ported to a pc
  13. I watched the reveal again last night, I read a bunch of articles on various gaming websites, then I saw an advertisement for gamefly on a banner. got me thinking, I rent a game, install it, then have to pay ms to play it. I send it back, and a week later shane rents the same game, and has to pay ms to play it. then he sends it back, and a third, fourth, and fifth person rent the same copy of the same game. so now 5 people have paid to play that game, that was purchased once by gamefly, and rental fee paid by myself, shane, and 3 other people. so does gamefly send you a special code with the g
  14. Cloud only contains game saves and achievements doesnt it? Redeem codes would be cool. Thousands of people scamming Microsoft to get codes to play used games for free lol