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  1. SHO offered to take us, InF? You mean like absorb? HAHAHAHAHAHA THATS THE DUMBEST THING IVE EVER HEARD! WE OFFERED TO TAKE THEM !!!!!! That was like a year ago tho...when we got suspended the first time for prestige hacking, when one of the members suspected of hacking and proven to have hacked was no prestige level 50! hahahaha im done
  2. lol cBs> is ~InF also to disfsk3x14 I would like to play in UF...but you know...we got banned im sure the admins will tell you why in a nice brief statement why tomorrow.
  3. Ok i find this insulting sorry, could you please change infamous to this [~InF] InFamous.... if you include our name in this list please get it right, thanks, im done
  4. Thats cool that ur making ur own site, and sorry for him accusing of you taking staff members here...but i could care less about it cuz it has nothing to do with my team being banned...and neither do you probably. like i said about the whole thing, whats done is done and none of it matters now. have fun but i still want to discuss
  5. well i wouldn't have posted here because you will probably be brought up now by someone...i wonder who...
  6. well personally I don't believe we think he is an angel...that's a little too far. Still, he is a teammate and is treated and respected like all teammates should be. The fact that he went on my account on this website doesn't effect me as much as you guys...I know its wrong, but also its not a big deal really. Its not a problem too me because its not like its a massive profile site like facebook or gamebattles...its a forum mostly....Thats my opinion.
  7. Actually, I've never heard of any complaints about CD until now...Our team thinks he is perfectly fine and think you guys are being a little to hard on him and us....but that's our opinion and it doesn't really matter, does it? Well, back to Gamebattles, one of the most egotistical sites on earth. It was fun while it lasted kicking butt, but whatever. Have fun with seven teams, I'm sure it will be super <3 InFamous <3
  8. oh my god, ok well guess we are out then. thanks for the fun while it lasted, our clan members enjoyed it and are really disapointed we are not going to be playing in it anymore.
  9. So could someone that is an administrator please describe in detail the reason for us being banned from the CoD: Black Ops Tournament? My team and I have done nothing wrong to our knowledge, we have been playing fair and respectful in this tournament for only one week, and all of the sudden we are banned... Please, this is very confusing on why we are because we have done nothing wrong what so ever. If it is because CDBS14 went on my account on this website then that is pretty lousy because CD told you why he went on my account. I was traveling home in a zone with no internet in the middle
  10. Texans are my team so you know i was cheering for johnson. Finnegan has a horrible reputation as being a dirty player. He got his butt kicked by johnson and tried to play it off haha.
  11. Hello! The members of Team InFamous really would like a signiture template and after a month of developing one on our own, its not really working out. If someone could make us one, it would really be appreciated and we could possibly pay for one if we can get some money together. We will supply you with our logo if you accept to give it a try to make one. If someone could make this, We would want the traditional box style with some designs on the border and such. We would want our logo in the bottom middle of the template, with a bar on top for text, as well as under the logo on the
  12. im for standard mode, but ill play hardcore if it comes in effect
  13. yea its good for brazil. There only problem is that rio is known for its gang problems. But i wouldnt mind going there to see some games