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  1. So conveniently you didn't realize you were in a private area until after you read what you wanted to read. So you "thought" your admin rights were removed as soon as you finished repairing the site but you didn't really give any time for this to take place. If you actually "thought" about it wouldn't you actually KNOW this wasn't right when you had access to areas you shouldn't. So you did think about it but you still entered areas that were private without cause. I have a big issue with the FACT that you "THOUGHT" about what you were doing but still did it anyway. We invited the repair man (Shane) in to our home (site) to make a repair and caught him going through the wife's underwear drawer (private areas). So it's been almost two weeks since this incident but you didn't think an apology was necessary until Johnson told you we are changing hosts, or maybe you didn't plan on apologizing until Johnson notified you and you figured out you were busted and better say something before LPK did to try and save face. Earlier in this post you said "I ASSUME". You can't think and not think about the same thing at the same time. Let's just be honest here. We (LPK) asked you (our host) for help with site issues. You were given access to the entire site to be able to repair the issues but instead of completing the job with Honor and Dignity you decided to use this access to snoop around areas you were not authorized to be in. Don't try to spin it and make it sound so innocent and accidental. If you were really concerned about doing things right you would have checked before you looked to make sure your admin access was removed before conducting your search, and if it was an accident like you claim then why wouldn't you bring it up to us (LPK) that you mistakenly entered a private area. The whole thing is shady and the fact that we were monitoring and caught you is the only reason this apology was posted. This doesn't make sense either because Johnson created our group and was leader under after "the incident". A day following "the incident" General's IP was blocked but leadership was changed to him. This is all so ironic to take place on consecutive days. As for your "unrelated incident" and why LPK leaders were removed from the leaders section I will be your contact and you can send me a PM ASAP!
  2. WHAT A DICK! If you don't like what he's posting then don't read it. If you have a problem with what he's saying or representing then send him a PM but to put up a post like this is garbage. I don't care if it's with or without the approval of UF as a Staff member you ALWAYS represent UF with what you say no matter what disclaimer you post. Hopefully the owners realize what mistake they made and do the right thing and correct the problem!
  3. Phenom

    Roll tide!!!!!!!!

    21-0 that's all.
  4. You can experience it for free most nights if your gaming with LPK and sometimes we throw in a bonus of Cow performing live "The Cow Song" and wait there's more.....sorry no more. Welcome Bob