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  1. Last-

    Rant against Shane Again

    I find the above thumbnail offensive and according to the UF strict guidelines. It looks as if not one but two rules have been broken here. There will be no open blasting of other players/clans on this forum. There will be no displays of pornography on this forum. The worse part is that it's from a staff member, a person who is supose to "lead by example". Hmmm wonder where I got that from.
  2. Last-

    Urgent Fury Update Summer 2014

    Just a few questions. Any news on tac-maps? I know you said you're going to do leagues which i always liked. But usally a tac-map was placed in there for a game along with the league. Will we be getting anymore UF podcast? I know that the original Commander fury is currently working at SoF but any chance he does some side work or maybe you find a new Commander? But it sounds like UF is moving forward which is great to hear.
  3. Last-

    AccurateShot aka RiZ return to UF

    If you have a ps4 now feel free to add me up psn: Last- and we can chill sometime.
  4. Last-

    AccurateShot aka RiZ return to UF

    Welcome back Mr. Riz
  5. Last-

    Summer Summit 2014

    Welp you can sign me up for the summit and hope that more clans can show up. I mean I have no clue who is still around but hopefully clans can atleast get a leader or someone of high rank to come forth and discuss the future of clan gaming.
  6. Last-

    Reintroduction to [JyK]

    Welcome redneck and tell Junk, Last says hi and to never forget me beating him down in socom =).
  7. Last-

    BLuR Has Disassembled.

    Awww batman why you no compete no more?
  8. The old rangers, man this brings me back. Good luck guys and hey I think I might still have a few old post in the rangers section you could look up.
  9. It's the WiZ. I knew I'd finally get you to break down and come back to see me .
  10. Last-

    The no longer in UF clan list.

    Wowzers never thought I'd see a clan come back from the dead. But glad to see.
  11. Last-

    Who else is watching E3 on PS3?

    Haha it ended up being to choppy so everyone in the party just went to ign or gamespot to watch it.
  12. I was just wondering if anyone else was going to watch it tonight. In case you don't know how just go into the "What's New" section under Playstation Network.
  13. If you can make it so I can play a glitch free Socom 2 on my ps3 I'll pay what ever they want.
  14. Ya john maybe opening it up but you know give it a long sign up time to fill up like a month so the word can get out there [or sooner if you get 16 teams signed up]. Some theme nights could be fun as well a Saturday Night massacre where everyone is using De's and throwing knifes. I have an idea how about a COD FFA one night event winner take all for some type of prize. Hell I buy it if I most some 25 dollar gift card for the winner and its free to sign up.