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  1. i thought long and hard about this Wrath. You should find and watch Clay Guida vs Diego Sanchez. There are a lot of really good fights that happen out there, i just watch Belllator fights tonight, the female championship fight was really good and so was Hector Lombard vs Schlemnko (sp?). K1 max grand prix 70 kilo final 16 had the first 4 or 5 fights where outstanding. Lots of Thai boxing in that show, but they have to modify their style as elbows are not allowed, take downs dont count and they cannot do a double hand clinch behind the head, they can do only one hand.
  2. I am still rolling with "scouted", yes X-Factor "scouted" for whatever rhyme or reason the above is a show that was on history channel or discovery it is about a ufo sighting in southern il (reported by numerous law enforcement officers), i am looking for but cannot find a similar show that covered a ufo sighting in AZ, now the reason these two peeked my interest was because of theses facts that, the ufo's where described ---- and i thought they sounded very very "similar" ---- extremely large triangular or rectangular with very bright lights at one end, now i know the naysayers are going to hop on how a triangle or rectangle are not the same shape --- true, but a triangle can be viewed at an angle that would give you the illusion of it being a rectangle --also the flight paths have very similar points of interest # 1 being they first showed up over relatively low population areas, they then approached higher density area's St Louis and Phoenix, and both "flight paths" had one other commonality, they both cruised close to nearby Military bases. In the realm of reality though -- there are military bases everywhere,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so i do understand that fact. If that does not sound like a scouting mission....... i do not know what does. I personally found these two particular shows/stories to interesting. You can now tie in, the UFO sightings in China that are closing down airports........... The images of the "UFO's" having large brightly lit areas i found to be very interesting. And when looked at in a non egotistical American approach -- why not make first contact with China --- they are the most populous folks on the planet.........why not "meet" with them first. I also believe that the influx of sightings coming out of Britain are important. I do not think the UFO sightings over NY City are real, i do think those where balloons........ So i personally believe, yes there is intelligent life out there at least. I personally believe, we will be approached sooner than any one would like or care to think about. and no i do not subscribe to UFO Monthly........
  3. Corruptor310

    MMA Thread

    Hello everybody, I follow the MMA world fairly closely, i watch the UFC events, the Ultimate Fighter show, Bellator, K1 Events, and some Strikeforce events. Are there any other followers of MMA?
  4. I am still willing to bet -- aliens way before God. I think we are being scouted already.
  5. Are there any sites that have the signature borders for free?? I keep looking but have not been able to find any...............
  6. I bet there are some chinese folks, who would like to confirm life from another planet is out there!
  7. Who would like to bet that the Madden franchise, ends up becoming the Gruden franchise?
  8. Hi there x-factor, yes it has been a long long time. And sorry Lucky, no clan for me, the world is a better place like that!
  9. Hello everybody. It has been a long time. Seems a bit slower here these days.