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  1. Ok in the Clan Challenge,when u get challenged by a clan in CC, You of course have your clan mates check the list to see rating and amount of players. HERES The catch is you accept the challenge and join then u get in the room and all of sudden the have more ppl then it showed we u accepted wtf ! Ok i understand allowing a player to rejoin after hes booted during game but,not after challenge is accepted! Have any of u guys seen this?
  2. I keep getting this download prompt from here. what is happening?
  3. just another wtf is wrong with kids these days post... sigh. ... Philadelphia, PA (The Weekly Vice) - Kendall Anderson, a 16-year-old Pennsylvania teen has been ordered to stand trial for murder after he allegedly beat his mother to death with a claw-hammer because she took away his PlayStation. http://www.theweeklyvice.com/2011/02/kendall-anderson-16-year-old-boy-beats.html
  4. WTF is up wth the online franchise mode? How do you join a franchise? When I search for one to join all I find are PW games. I made one myself and did a search and the one I made isn't even on the stupid list.
  5. i just went to upload elites sig, and it says data corrupt!? Wtf.....
  6. aight im a bit smashed right now and i just walked in the door and i gotta tell sumone so fuck it imma tell you guys tonight i hit up a party with my boys and shit was great there was dancin and beerpong i got my ass kicked by two hot chicks that ran the table then i was talkin to my boys bro tellin him i got his brothers back and shit no matter what happened and went back to playin beer pong and shit then maybe 30 min we took a break from it and couple guys stepped outside to smoke some shit and we hear a commotion outside i open the ddoor to find my boys bro gettin the shit beat outta him then suddenly chris was right there in it then another guy smashed my boy upside the back of the head and i jumped in and hit him a couple times i remember catchin his teeth with my fist and then next thing i know im on the dirt and i hear people screamin then my boy picks me up and is like we gotta go lets get the fuck outta here so i get shoved in a car and we are gone and then the car ride i kinda blacked out and now im here typin this shit to you guys like wtf we left my boy there and shit
  7. so i jus got a txt like " did u have fun" i waz like whos this, "did u have fun fucking my girl when i was locked up" o shit he found out ahhaa, damn not again so i told him a lie i said i have no clue wat ur talking bout and he keeps textin "are you mike" are you mike". rly i do know who it is and i did have fun.. hahaa lots of fun days with that girl, so i wonder wat should i do.. like this guys allways in jail so im sure hes lookin for me and looking for trouble... i wonder how he got my number, i think im bigger than this dude but ive seen pics of him and his arms are fucking ripped man, fuck that, if this dude comes at me i gotta use my knife or something i aint no pussy but he looks crazy. i mean i dont wanna fight cause id be pissed as fuck if some dude fucked my girl when i was locked up but me and this girl have been hooking up b4 they even knew each other.. sooo i kinda fell bad for him but not if hes trying to kill me hahaa... and im back with tha girl i love soo i dont want this drama bullshit and i dont want her to find out... should i keep actin like i dont know wtf he talkin bout or jus forget and n go play socom, or wtf should i do,,,, keep in mind that a got a good girl and dont care bout them, and that this dude is an asshole too his women and proly slaps them around,
  8. I cant believe this! I used to watch this show when i was a kid.. Crazy stuff... http://movies.yahoo.com/news/movies.ap.org/actor-david-carradine-found-dead-bangkok-ap I guess he hung himself? Wtf.. shit must be tough post stardom..
  9. I going to choke my son!! Last month when I saw he had over 300 text messages in only the first couple of weeks of a new cellular plan.. I called sprint and had it up’d to 1000 text messages per line.. A thousand text messages!!! I just got my bill.. Dad 3 text messages.. wife 11 text messages.. Daughter 24 text messages SON.. 2686 text messages!!! At a price of .20 for each over 1000 I just got a $324 additional charge! I’m going to fricking kill him!! How the hell do you even manage to text two thousand six hundred and eighty times in one month!!! WTF!! Arrrggggg!!! Ok I’m not going to kill him.. of course.. but steam actually came out of my ears!! I kid you not!! I’m going to sledge hammer his phone (not kidding!!) Anybody need their grass cut? Their car washed.. I will ship him to you and you are free to use him as a SLAVE for a mere $2/ hour until he earns $324!!!! ^&%*&^#$@#@!# Son of a #(*^$#*(&(*#!!!! Serenity Now! Serenity Now! Serenity Now!
  10. alright so here's the deal, my little brother has been on my ass to help him build a really kick ass audio system for his car he just got. It's a 1993 Ford Tempo and so I was like wtf? lol well the thing is I have the slightest clue of what to do for the kid, so here's what he wants. He wants something that kicks out alot of bass that he can control the equalization with, that gets really loud, (like on the brink of getting pulled over by the cops loud), that utilizes 1000+ watts, with subwoofers, tweeters, speakers, and amp, and something that will go with the reciever/cd player he already has that is made by panasonic, but at the same time wont eat up any of his passneger space. I sed to be an electrician for my step dad so I know how to wire the stuff, so I wont need any guides or anything like that. Also, he has about $400-$700 he wants to spend on this, and considering the size of his car I really dont know what to do for the kid. So for you guys out there that do this kind of stuff for a living and know alot about this stuff, can you help me out? Perhaps compile a list of things that would build an audio system to his desires? If you list the stuff, I know a guy that can get me the stuff for cheap, or at least considereably cheaper than what most audio places would sell the stuff for. So please help!!! thank you all in advance! D75
  11. Crowsauce


    Hey fellas, Just wanted to thank you for kicking me out of a room I was in before you joined because I was not in "UF". As we may not be a part of UF at the moment, I believe Hollowground won Black not too long ago. So before you go kicking people, be sure you know wtf your doing. I also dont go by "n-gger". I prefer either Crow or Mike. Thanks.
  12. CDBS14


    does anyone know exactly wtf this whole boxxy movement is about, like seriously every site i go to, they have avatars and sigs with her. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoP6HkxjS38&eurl=http://teamcbs.net/forum/index.php?topic=2334.0 http://boxxystory.blogspot.com/
  13. Since when did these asses get the urge to beat the cavs? grrrr Cavs are blowing defensive coverage and not playing their game at all right now! WTF Chicago? Is there something in the water that makes people retarded when they visit your city? Must be all that green dye you put in the river every year.
  14. If i had a a 360 i would make this guy my bitch on cod4, but please someone add him and make him your bitch. http://kotaku.com/5062310/soulja-boy-now-offering-ass+whoopins-for-free he is also getting his own game!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean wtf this dude cant even sing http://kotaku.com/5104351/oh-snaps-soulja-boy-getting-his-own-game
  15. so i just got my code and installed the app but when i try to login it says im not old enough!?!? im 18 like wtf, any ideas?
  16. CDBS14

    has anyone

    seen the videon on the game, especially the one that says weapons or guns of socom, i mean wtf they took in the sound info of a belt fed .50 cal and a grenade launcher, i dont see these guns in the game?
  17. my internet is ok, i reset my connection, and everything work ok, i can get into the psStore and my internet/computer is just fine but i cant get on socom, wtf is happening.
  18. Is anyone else getting this? ??? It goes past the Initializing fine, but fails to log me in the servers.....WTF! >
  19. first of all, holy freakin jizzbomb generalwar thats alot of posts. , second of all, wtf is goin on with our economy? can someone explain in good detail what the hell is goin on? i dont have any channels that come in, so i cant watch the news..
  20. I just got a call from Irsh from my clan and all I heard was WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Im like ummm nothing lol... then I heard WE HAVE A MATCH TONIGHT. DIDNT YOU READ IT ON THE UF FORUMS? Im like WTF is going on lol.... Then I found out it was Tool Minion lol.. and it was a UF Meet and Greet Prank call.. LOL... Man i was like wat the hell is going on till i found out.. Oh man I got PUNKD!!... THen I talked to Tow for a little while.. Sounds like their having some good times there.. lol.. Anywayz Good night everyone!
  21. I've never seen this until today make sure u watch the little video. He throws 88 MPH on side and 91 on the other http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3455201
  22. there might be a topic in here already about this thing so IDK.. still can anyone tell me WTF is that? and why sometimes i see people at my friend list that instead of telling me wich game they are playing it says Folding@home? just curious ?
  23. I know it's Latin, but for some reason I can't find it's meaning. i need more than just the meaning of the word, is there a definition to the word?

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