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  1. i mean i have photoshop skills but you can't really reverse these filters without having the .psd files. The last image looks like a forum section. Is it a new forum? Their are clearly three post, and their footer has all their logos and affiliates. In between that could be the forum stats, I can't tell if it is vbulletin or not, so i'm still clueless.
  2. MY BULLSHIT METER JUST WENT HAYWIRE. AGREED, nothing at this site gets by this guy.
  3. its actually easier to see it smaller than a large image....looks like a new web design, something that is all integrated...what are they up too...shane c'mon man
  4. $25 Open Donation from - thanks again for doing this guys!
  5. Quit messing around. Your, give us a date! lol Hahaha I'm pulling every string and source I have man, they aren't budging yet! Trust me, when i know, you will know.
  6. we have gotten some reports it will be out before Christmas, but I'm going with the I'll believe it when I see it mentality.
  7. looking forward to hearing the whole thing....thanks for the "teaser" Shane.
  8. thanks guys - look for more of it to be done (hopefully complete) this weekend.
  9. Abigale just announced on the forums that the SOCOM team will be releasing more information about patch 1.6 and the DLC, including some screenshots tomorrow on the blog. Just wanted to give you guys the heads up!
  10. I'm not sure why you can't log on...are you getting an error message?
  11. Yep simply registering will allow you access to the members only section. These maps are perfect for clan use preparation - we are working on doing the rest of the maps and plan to get them out as soon as possible.
  12. Hello all! jamesy40 here from - just wanted to stop by and let all the SOCOM players here at Urgent Fury know about our available resources for you and your clan. We have everything you need for SOCOM - including news, rumors, forums, guides, and our exclusive 3D Maps. We appreciate everything Urgent Fury is doing to make the SOCOM community better and look forward to strengthening our relationship with UF!
  13. I'm actually in SC - I guess Asheville was the closest - I'm at Clemson U
  14. glad to see these made it to the forums! I'm currently working on Urban Wasteland, its really close to being finished.