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  1. to a point, sure. But I think we can all agree that I do it to perfection. His imitation of my style, intellect, and timing is akin to a knock off Jordan even the bodegas in Chinatown wouldn't sell
  2. not at all. Its sad. but thanks for your useless sarcastic remark, none the less
  3. hello? echo..echo...echooooo are the forums that dead?
  4. i'll make you one, if you come by and buy my car subs lol I have 2 10" subs in a box sitting in my living room lol and i live in baltimore!
  5. roflmao. I was skimming this for entertainment value, and certainly found it in the form of pandering. RVN an elite clan?? really? The most regard it ever really got in a tournament was as a free win. At least you're somewhat on target with the U, they have their ups and downs like any clan but in that trio they at least have competed at a high level against the true top clans somewhat consistently. Damn Hush, I see you're out in left field as usual, picking boogers lol That being said, its unfair to wholly blame the state of UF on the current ownership. True, they've fouled up a lot...no need to rehash. But clan gaming as a whole is different, more pubby oriented because of the games and attention spans they've cultivated. That, in turn, makes tournament sites a struggle to keep up with. The loyalty, the attention span, the hardcore feeling just isn't there anymore. I've quit from competitive gaming because it just became a bastardization of what it used to be, these sites basically containing the same clans with the same people over and over again...holding on to the past while maintaining a clan culture of in-breeding. Its just not important anymore
  6. Pathogen-

    Terra Nova

    it was enjoyable. a lot better than falling skies. not comparing the subject material, just the quality of shows
  7. really, i wasn't sure if they were telling me the truth or not but it is just sloppy developing. these guys are jokes.
  8. lol Bull. I thread like this only has one purpose...to get people to post. Whether or not this is actually turned into zipper I don't know, but I highly doubt zipper pays attention other than lip service from a 3rd party forum that doesn't have that much activity. I mean, their own socom boards are jam packed with people posting and they don't really listen to them, either
  9. and the Gun Mods. Really? Should anyone care about stats anymore? When I first started playing, I was using unmodded guns vs players that already had their guns modded up. I was getting smoked because my guns weren't killing people. I was getting frustrated because I was having games with hit percentages in the 30th percentile, and yet I had no kills. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me, especially if you come behind someone and unload your clip in their back while they are squatting....only to have them turn around and in 1 shot hit you in the face. Really Zipper? Really? Do you guys PLAY the games you make lately? Your gun mods are trying to copy the CoD phase we're in...yet like a lot that you tried to copy, you failed miserably. Once again in socom, stats don't count for crap...except this time its due to your mod system and not the hackers
  10. also, not sure if it has been mentioned, but the spacing of time between matches, and loading is a little skewed and retarded. For instance...we have all the time in the world to vote map, yet we have an average of what, 3-4 seconds on which to change sides and get back with our clan mates/friends because the stupid game has the issue of trying to 'balance" sides. No. I don't want you to balance the sides, I want to play WITH my online buddies. Thanks for adding a feature that does nothing but frustrate us. Also, please load the game faster somehow lol I mean really.....does anyone use the stupid playstation move? do we really need to see the instructions on start up? Can't you just cut to the Menu to help us log in faster? dumb
  11. there is too many things on here to really read thru, too many issues, so i'm not sure if this has been mentioned or not. But I've noticed that I've spend an entire extended clip using a sniper rifle on someone who was standing still across the map, and none of the bullets hit. I complained about this, and someone said...like I was supposed to know....that certain maps have invisible walls. I'm not sure if he was making fun of me, but A: if there are invisible walls (one map that stuck out was Von Heine's Express), then take them out you sloppy developers. B: fix the hit detection. I have a pretty decent hit ratio, even with the retarded spray/pray aspect of the gun battles in this game and I've always been a good sniper. I'm not missing.
  12. wouldn't it be more effective to flood their mailboxes with paper and mail stating our desire for better games aka a little old school flavor? I mean really, who cares about online blogs...they obviously don't because their own boards are flooded with players saying how much the newer games have blown. In Israel, companies that sold cottage cheese (a huge food over there, and its better than the crap we get here), were raising the prices on their product to double the previous amount. The country took to facebook to organize a boycott, garnering so much support that the companies backed down and kept the original pricing (or close to it) While I'm not saying that would work better than some blog or forum posts, an actual boycot or some physical show of support is needed. (and lets face it...americans don't have the discipline to NOT buy crappy games...that much has been proven, and that is why they don't give a rat's ass about what we actually WANT anymore...we'll buy anything they shove down our throats) So either do some real talk and show them, or just give up.

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