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  1. I was too. Anyone interested in reviving this place? We have a small, but growing group still playing Socom online through Xlink Kai. Would be nice to see more peeps online. RAHEEEELAAAAAAA!!!!
  2. Hi guys, It is looking like a ghost town here unless I'm just not in the right areas? What's going on? Has things finally dyed off here? I would love to get this place rocking again. A small, but growing community is playing Socom on Xlink Kai still. I was thinking we could get things going around here and breath some life back in it. What say you!!!!?????? RAHHHEEEELLLAAAAAAAA!
  3. Yeah, Slim is best IMO. You can actually use any PS2 or even the fatty PS3 that was backwards compatible. Most of those aren't around anymore though.
  4. Yep, that's it. Basically you plug your PS2 in your router and plug your laptop or desktop into same router which is running a software which is called Xlink and BAM! Turn it on and you will see rooms up. I haven't had so much fun in ten years of gaming crap on PS4 or 3. Seriously. Hope you do come out and more here will come. Maybe even set up a tourney of sorts here. Generate more traffic here?
  5. I'm just going to keep posting about this. LOL We have had record numbers on Xlink Socom 2 the past 3 weeks. 60 to 70 people on. 2 or 3 rooms up. Private wars going on. I'm telling you all, if you want that old Socom feeling that we all chased for years. Hop on and play some old school Socom 2 tonight! Don't forget why this place even exist today! RAHEEELLLAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
  6. Hi all, Longtime member AWOL for awhile now. I recently posted about this but wanted to reiterate how cool this is and want to promote for all you hardcore Socomer's out there. I don't know if this has already made it's way here but I didn't see any post so here goes. Do you remember why we are all here? Do you remember why there is even a such thing as a "clan?"... Recently I was turned on to Xlink (KIA) which is a platform that runs on your PC or Mac and allows you to connect your PS2 up and play with others on Socom II and CA via LAN connections. Now this has been around for awhile bu
  7. You really should Shane. There have been 60+ ppl on the last couple of weekends. It is starting to gain a little steam. There are hoops to jump through to make the LAN connection work, but I haven't laughed and cut up with ppl gaming in a LONG time.
  8. Just want to say as I am sure some have been playing already but I have been having a blast on Xlink playing S2 and CA lately. Not sure if any peeps on here play. I haven't been on here a a few moons. Just stopping in to say hi and to check it out if you haven't yet. It will bring back some good memories...
  9. I knew Dave pretty well and can't believe the news. I haven't been around online gaming in a few years but have to say, this saddens me greatly. He was a great guy and always fun to be with online or discussing computer geek shit on the phone. RIP Rage.
  10. Covert, It's definitely closer to SII now. I would know as I still play SII at least twice a month. LOL I think it runs smoother now. The grenades slide about 6 ft further now... a little more realistic IMO. Their radius seems a bit wider also. And they seem to have got rid of the invisible protection on the bomb sites from grenades. Overall, pretty psyched about the DLC next week. Might actually start playing again.
  11. Thanks for the laugh today Chilli. This made my morning. LMAO!
  12. Don't get me wrong Money, I'm not saying I hated it. I got it... and thought it was kind of cool what he was going for. Just saying what was reported. It was a flop at the box office. I enjoyed it late night on HBO. LOL Just would have been upset if I payed "big money" (wow, I was able to use it!) to see it. That's all.
  13. Really liked it. He seems to have recovered from his flop, last film. (Grind House) Some great moments in this one for sure. Pitt proved once again he can freaking nail almost any role given him. Not a huge fan of his, but man... he was freaking funny as hell. I say Great movie.
  14. This is a perfect example of why Macs will always be superior to PC bullshit. You NEVER and I mean NEVER have ANY of this type of bull crap with a Mac. PC's are too easy to hack into. Buy a Mac and problem solved people. ;D Edit: I realize this post wasn't very helpful. It's just in the 12 years I've been running Mac OS, I've never had to worry about any ad ware attacking my computer. People say, well Macs are expensive... but what's that worth to you? All the aggravation over the years and having to waste time installing this BS... what's that worth to you?
  15. My initial reaction is HOLY SHIT! They actually got this right, this time!!!! Runs "noticeably" smoother. Friends list join future is sweet. No black screen BS... it's two second delay and bam in game! Haven't checked everything out but man, this IS an improvement!