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  1. what's up dude....I'm trying to unite everyone again yes...but for the next couple years I won't be running any clan, between school, and bars, and girls, and workouts, there's no time for video games really. But you should start seeing EOH around again
  2. I'm back from the dead. This sig is missing a border, but let me know what ya think
  3. im trying to use the SMF forum system that UF uses, or at least trying to get past the install phase. All this PHP and crap is confusing beyond belief. How do i edit the contents of the zip file, what program(s) do i need to open it.....
  4. never heard of the movie.......
  5. Sukmyturban VS Seth Luisi
  6. while this movie's story is in its most basic form very unorginal what Cameron did with it is just amazing, every inch of the screen is filled with vibrant color, and the originality of most everything is just jaw dropping
  7. WOW :o :o :o this movie has just blown my mind, omg.....never in my life have i witnessed such a movie. Everything in that movie is ON PURPOSE, and the 3d (despite my dislike for this whole 3d phase) i felt that it trully added to the movie.....i can't really describe the unparalleled epicness of this movie, YOU HAVE HAVE HAVE to see this movie in theaters. IT IS AN EXPERIENCE.... not a movie.
  8. ' I never took that SAT, at my High School we had to take the ACT, i got a 32 on that fucker
  9. guys, the star at the end just gives you some gay ass PSN trophy > > >
  10. our full time sniper already has 2 specializations unlocked and he said they suck balls
  11. sorry EOH has/had to skip, we're giving some non UF shit talking public room assholes the business..... :police:
  12. man i just can't get enough of the new maps, GOD DAM I CANNOT PUT THIS SHIT DOWN!!
  13. lol i didn't know about setting my specializations and played like 14 hours without earning any CE lmao omg
  14. omg man, those graphics i used to play that and think "HOW can this get any more realistic!" idk but wheni looked at the picture it was just like wow, i could design that game in 2 minutes
  15. all i have to say is WOW this DLC is amazing, i mean the new/ reused maps are awesome and NIGHTSTALKER OMFG ON NIGHT I LOVE IT, YOU CAN BARELY SEE YOUR HAND ITS AMAZINGLY INTENSE! btw arms run, is just crazy.