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  1. Yeah even if I had the money I doubt I would wast it on that...
  2. Yeah I do like the black and white one. Hows it look?
  3. so anyone gonna hook me up? I found a picture I like for it.. thanks
  4. I have always enjoyed the Medal Of Honor games also. So I am hoping this will be a good one. I already like the coverart. I just hope that Dice(who is doing the online side) does something to make it great. The good thing is that MW2 is out now so they can expand on it and make it better than MW2 if possible.
  5. Like Tool_minion said I am currently playing Mw2. Socom was fun when it first came out but it has lost alot of it's luster since it's been a year and still no dlc or anything
  6. I rem their site and little video program. I always though asianapple was probably a hottie, but I never could find a picture of her to see.
  7. Would anyone mind making me a sig? I would like to see something to do with Navy Seals or MW2. Maybe have dog tags somewhere on it, maybe hanging off the middle. Thanks if ya dont mind.
  8. Ok so I bought one. T was cheap and I love the feel of it although I love the feel of it, it is taking a hit to get used to the L1 and R1 buttons. My main question is what are the things on the back and how do I use them exactly? There's two switches that you can click in three spots I believe, and then there is two combat buttons. Someone explain it to me in layman terms please?
  9. I did not go but the wife did. Don't know what she got but I bet she spent alot.
  10. Hello, my name is Elite:), anyways I am just stopping by because I saw a link to your site and heard about your site over at the SxB site. I have been hanging around over there for a few days, and thought I would swing over and check this place out. Spent a good bit reading the forums and stuff, lots of good topics I see.I really like the babe contest and btw I will throw in my vote. But its good to see a place where people play fair, honest, and dont glitch or cheat. Hard to come by these days. I used to run with some boys back in GB days, but hated it because you could always tell when they were cheating, or using some form of outside comm. And of course the whiners, omg everyone in GB thought they were the best, even with a 0-100 record lol. But anyways.. I currently dont have a clan, but am hoping SxB gives me a shot at beign a recruit, and if not I will be looking around here for a clan, if you all are like some of the guys over at SxB, i dont think I could go wrong with anyone I choose. So if any of ya'all dont mind could I send out some friends adds?
  11. For me it depends...On free for all or something where I need quick guns I use 8, but on things like S&D or where I am needing to use more stealth and a mix of camp and gun, I use 5 or 6.. I am still getting used to it, but at 10 i cant seem to hit anything but dirt.