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  1. Hey bud, what system you looking at for this?
  2. Exxile


    Our clan is pretty active on CoD but if you want to get a scrimmage in, just visit our site and post up so that we can get something set up.
  3. If you switch the private lobby over to Esports rules it changes from 18 to 12 persons.
  4. Ban RPGs and any other weapons that you normally have in the past. Right now we're having an inner clan tourny with nothing banned and so far no problems or complaints about what people are using. Almost everything has a counter to it so I wouldn't ban perks and I'm in favor of having killstreaks. The biggest thing for my clan comes down to team sizes, I think going back to having bigger teams(5v5,6v6) would produce much more excitment. I mean what's the point of doing 4v4 when clan rosters in this community are bigger then 4 people. Your cutting out a lot of clanmates if you limit teams to only 4 players.
  5. Yes this CoD could make for some good tournaments. Maps are big enough for 8v8's and etc
  6. Its something new and fun. You can strife left, right, forward and backwards with your boost. This can help a lot when going into a gun fight. Weapons are not bad, only have played with AR's right now but some guys love the subs. Scorestreaks are not all that bad and you can modify them but if doing so raises points to earn them in next game. Its CoD so you will have your lag and hitmarkers are come and go like always.
  7. We're BACKKK! The Phoenix Has Risen! After some debate the leaders have decided to bring this clan back to its roots and bring back The Uprising. One of Urgent Fury's most decorated clans is now opening it's doors. We are currently recruiting skilled, mature and respectable gunners. If you would like to be part of our winning ways please stop by our forums and put your application in today. We hope to see you there. .....And when we are down, our phoenix will rise from the ashes..... ....bringing with it one hell of an Uprising....
  8. Domination, Search and Destroy regular also Search and Rescue, Blitz, Kill Confirmed
  9. This week we should start getting some matches going