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  1. Wow Ron what’s up man? I remember you and ATR very well. What a throwback. Didn’t you have a co leader who also had a 916 name? I haven’t played Socom in few months, but everyone moved from Xlink to a new program called SVDL. I am always down to clown if you get the itch to play again haha. -smokeosama
  2. Do it!!! It feels like the mid 2000’s all over again and man is it fun! I hope to see some old schoolers make a comeback and come play with us. The Socrack addiction is still alive and well! [THM] smokeosama
  3. My heart really sunk when I heard the news last night. I first met Rage during UF2 or 3 some 10 years ago and though we were never close friends, his impact on the community was always present. What he meant to SHO members, allied clans, and the community is simply immeasurable. I personally can attribute dozens of friendships, memories, and hours of gaming spent to Rage. Be it playing with or against his clan in tournaments, the Madden league he was always a gracious host for, or just gaming in general with SHO, those memories and connections don't exist without his contributions. His legacy
  4. Shane approx how long will you all be in town? If I can't make the tourney, we should all do lunch at a place like Lou's (pizza) or Kuma's (burgers). Sent while dreaming of the duck blind using Tapatalk 2
  5. I am working that day and I will be back on midnights for that period. Maybe I will stop by for a bit when it begins. Sent while dreaming of the duck blind using Tapatalk 2
  6. I am 10 mins from the city, but I have to check my work schedule. Sent while dreaming of the duck blind using Tapatalk 2
  7. This. Check if you need help getting setup. Sent while dreaming of the duck blind using Tapatalk 2
  8. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Casual gaming is uncharted territory for most of us, but it is a venture we are all entering together. I look forward to what the future holds! Sent while dreaming of the duck blind using Tapatalk 2
  9. Many have speculated, but it is now official: After an illustrious history in which 8 championships and countless victories were achieved, the Uprising has closed it's doors. In recent months we had undergone some cosmetic changes, with MikeJaxon stepping down as leader. Jax remained on as a member, until resigning from competitive clan gaming in January due to the grind therein. The truth is that many of us felt the same as he did. We were just tired of the countless hours of practicing, preparing, and overall strenuous requirements of competitive gaming. We wanted to get back to being a fami
  10. Played the GRFS beta...wasn't impressed. Socom 4 was a more functional TPS in my opinion than the GRFS beta, which should tell you all you need to know. Also I have never liked the over the shoulder type TPS'.
  11. Awesome episode tonight. Can't wait for the finale next week, it's going to be insane. It truly speaks to the show, when despite the fact that Raylan wasn't on the screen as much the past two weeks, the show has been at it's highest levels of amazing. The acting all around is just impeccable. The producers really do an amazing job casting this show.
  12. Justified is my favorite show on TV along with Sons. FX really has some of the best shows on TV (Justified, Sons, American Horror Story, The League). This show appeals to me because I've always been a big fan of Olyphant, joining the Marshals has always been a longterm goal, and the acting is incredible. Walton Goggins and Olyphant make this show go, along with incredible writing. I can't wait for tonight, this season is shaping up to be the best yet. Sidenote: Natalie Zea is gorgeous (Raylan's ex).
  13. Sony owns the rights to Socom, as such they would never sell out to Microsoft. That just never happens. Sony will never sell the rights of a game they own to a rival company...that'd be terrible business. That rumor on IGN, which I just read, was posted by some nobody on a message board claiming his "wife's cousin works for Microsoft." In bizarro world, if that were to happen, I would probably be purchasing an Xbox again only to play Socom. If there's any validity to this rumor, which I highly doubt, then this could be a good thing for us. Not because Socom will be resurfacing on the XBox,