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  1. The other warriors clan (no the one chilli was in)
  2. good question......i lasted this long without letting it like this. But, shit happens. PS, thanks for inviting us to UF back in november 2007, back then, it was lots of fun playing here.
  4. Shane save your fingers from the post. We are out anyways. respect and honor? honestly for a second you should look in the mirror, you have turned this site into an AD agency, what was the total investment you made? over 2 grand right? how long until you get a return on investment? You are trying to turn this site into a cash cow, away from truly fair and respectful gaming. People have to suck up to you to play here, they must abide to your weird rules, rules that make no sense. Obvious things that people in other sites would not even mind. Sticking up for my clan and sending ONE PM is seen as disrespectful? . We came here with the only intension to play. But you clearly dislike us and bring the holy inquisition upon my clan. -You know that was crusader posting. You just needed an excuse to get us out. - good luck getting your money back, this website has less hits than ever, forums might as well be dead. You insult me by calling me a liar and not to mention you are the one who will not tell the truth as to why you put up those ads. -You desperately seek aid from developers and contracts, yet they turn you down? a bit of help of advice considering i was around back when COD HQ wanted to be the official fan site of call of duty. Allow more people here, focus on all games equally, not just on one game. -You would not tell the truth last time i was banned that it was Nikastylez sending you posts of my website, of my clan "hacking", yea i saw the pictures he sent to one of your STAFF in their photobucket account (someone tipped me about this), that it was Nika and his dumb obsession over our clan rivalry that got my clan out last time. That REV was the clan that got so mad after my clan got so many kills on them in one tournament game that their rep contacts me to try to get me to say my guys prestige glitch. -That it was nika the one that brought it up again the second time i tried to come in for HELLWEEK. BigMoneyNacku was gonna give the go ahead, then Nika reminds him, yea i saw the post on the rep section as well where he reminded them. (tipster as well) -When i tipped you about sharkbait2 having prestiged glitch, you let it go like it was nothing, and resolved it with him behind closed doors. Seems like a little inside work, dont it? -So tell me shane, now that nika and sharkbait are both rangers. WHY DO YOU PICK ON ME AND MY CLAN? -I know this is futile, and i know no one else on this site wont post here in fear of being the next on the watchlist, because this site is so afraid of actual good clans, gameplay wise, because all the clans here are honorable (except for some). TO THE CLANS IN THE GAUNTLET, IF YOU WANT A REAL CHALLENGE, IF YOU WANT TO PLAY A CLAN WITH GOOD PLAYERS, AND YOU WANT TO TEST YOUR CLANS SKILL, WE WOULD BE GLAD TO HOLD FRIENDLY SCRIMS. OR YOU CAN FIND US ON GAMEBATTLES, EVEN THE 12 YEAR OLDS IN GAMEBATTLES THAT WORK AS ADMINS ARE MORE FAIR THAN THIS SITE. THAT IS SAD. Farewell to all the clans we played over time, ive made good friend, and retarded enemies (like i care). We played some great games, most memorable are LPK, SxB and iLL (wonder where they went).
  5. lies and deceptions? both crusader and i are telling the truth.....i only sent ONE PM, one PM!!! the pm said "So i guess i am the clan rep now", i think that is what i wrote. Divine_crusader has been the one posting in the rep section.
  6. Just in case i am banned again or something. We are not here to make drama. We come back after an entire year for being banned over "prestige glitching". I brought my clan back about a month ago, we enlisted in UFGL, I played a few 1v1's. Now Before i returned to UF i was a staff member at Chaostactics. Now according to Shane, he checks other websites every week or two. So why did you bring up the fact that I WAS, a staff at CT. Not even a current staff, because CT no longer works. I am sure i do not have to explain that story (but if i have to, i will). Shane sent this to me after i had to track down Blackfalcon to be able to change my status in the CT website so i could still participate here in UF. "Ok I see you have your status changed, you still need to replace your REP as that has already been announced, but you can play and keep in mind I will be watching closely... I know that Lucky is starting a Tournament Site and Currently recruiting staff..." Also, Shane, why are you so paranoid about me? i just want to play here, that is it, i do not even post here anymore, so you guys can leave me alone about my postwhoring. All i want is my clan to have a place to play. Why do you think i am working with this lucky guy? i do not even know who he is, as a matter of fact he even got into an argument with crusader a few months ago, now why would i want to work with a guy who called my fellow co-leader a liar? Moving on, my usual replacement rep is chinchang11, but he did not pick up his phone. The next in line is divine_crusader. I called him, he was driving back home from his thanksgiving break, he had no internet where he was at, no 3g coverage. To make his life easy and to meet the impending deadline (Both Tool and Shane clearly showed a sense of urgency in having me get a replacement REP ASAP), i did not want my clan to meet the same fate as WOLF by not getting in a rep that night. So i asked crusader to give me his information and that i will send a PM to Tool, so he could get access to the rep section and continue on with my duties. Now crusader told me he had to send a second PM to Tool to be able to get access because that night/morning he checked and did not have it yet, now from what crusader tells me, this was a technicality in his profile that Tool fixed. At this point, all i know is that Shane asked crusader for an explanation as to why him and i shared an IP address, crusader told you what i have stated here, what he has stated here. Now more than just the reason why we are banned from the tournament, i want to know why my clan is persecuted by you guys? what have we done to you? not a single clan here can say that my clan talked smack, that we deliberately hacked, or glitched on a match. WE HAVE ALWAYS WON WITH HONOR AND LOST WITH DIGNITY, ALWAYS!! every single match we have played here, the few times that disputes came up with my clan, they were quickly handled in the REP section, i was always courteous to clan leaders and members of this community, i apologized for my post whoring, i went out of my league just to give my clan a fun place to play at. So please, someone tell me why is my clan being attacked, why are we constantly getting picked on, why is it that i am the one that is being kept closely under your eye Shane? I am a Biology major at NYU, pre-med, i do not have the time to be a staff at any site, hell i barely get play time in COD. Why do you go after me? I honestly do not know what to think or say anymore, i hope you reconsider and allow my clan to return to the GAUNTLET tournament, it is not too late to let us back in, i am sure Tool would be glad to have 8 teams again, i am sure if you ask the reps, they would not mind having us return to play. I would bring in a third rep, since both crusader and i are no longer able to serve as reps. But can you please reconsider and allow us to play again?
  7. not surprised activision would say that, i remember back when COD HQ wanted to be the official gaming site.
  8. hey, do you know who my clan is playing tomorrow? can you check for me please, my new clan rep has not been acess yet, and they took my access away (im still a staff member in CT according to them).

  9. Ha trye, about running the game at 720p. THe thing is, the so called ROG COD is being made by Blizzard, and i am sure Blizzard will not kill their reputation of community support because of company deals. But knowing Blizzard, do not expect this game to be out soon, do expect many announcements and delays. lol.
  10. i knew Reznov could not die...FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!!!
  11. the only way to know is once someone takes the PC version, runs it at 720p and clocks the frame rate, that is supposed to give us a base value. The only problem is, that even the PC version is a port of the 360 version. Little know fact, all COD games after cod4 have been made for the 360 first, then ported over to PC and PS3. If you remember COD4 had a PC beta.......wonder why they stopped that.
  12. honestly...who cares.... Haters going to hate, racists going to be racist, not much you can do about it, ban their emblem, hear them roar in the lobbies.