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  1. I Know right.
  2. Not active anymore we shutdown
  3. WOW really dude. You not suppose to put us down like that we just started this week. Thats some real loyalty right there mann wow.
  6. Yo black cloud . dont mean to be disrespectful or anything . but you guys arent active on you guys forums enough for me. i try to send out friend request didnt anyone accept . i tried asking questions didnt get answers. I tried being polite by logging in and say hi or wassup and no one respond. Thanks for the luck. And wish you guys the best
  7. Sorry you guys. You guys are right i should have told you all. but i just found out i wasnt getting socom . and you guys are a socom clan TNU.
  8. Thanks Barbosas and yes
  9. Lol alright tool... and yeah im working on new members now. And wassup packer man.
  10. Yeah sure. We just created [sYN] Syndicate . There are only 4 of us that started it. only one is under the age of 18. We are very mature. We are elite, we strategize when it comes to playing with some real competition not randoms. We have great chemistry, also three excellent gunners and looking for more. Also we are a PS3 Call of duty Clan
  11. Thinking about entering UF. Check us out. We just started.
  12. I was wondering if I could tryout for the clan. I know you guys are in a tournament right now, but i just think I need to be in a great efficient clan. PSN College_Boy17. Age 18. K/D 1.19 .. Prestige level 4-50.

  13. Hey wassup mann I was wondering if i could tryout for you guys clan.