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  1. I have to say that is pretty dam sweet.
  2. Hey boys, Still looking for some good clans to join up.
  3. Hey bro, Yeah, it might be a little hard to read on some computers. I have a high def screen so I never thought about it. Maybe I'll change it up after a few. Take care bro and thanks for the compliment. Hawk
  4. Socom Community from Urgent Fury, Top SOCOM Clans would like to invite you all to their new Top Socom Clans website and join their prestigious community. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to sign up on the forums and request information from the Top SOCOM staff. Take care and hope to see your clan represented in this new SOCOM community.
  5. Well, if I had to pick a Socom name it would be my original back from Socom 1, which by the way I've wanted back since a little 13 yr Old kid hacked my account to get it. My name was originally Blackfalcon. I had that name for over a year in Socom 1 and then just couldn't log onto it one day and one of my friends called me up and said, why are you ignoring me and I was like what the heck are you talking about, are you a retard because freaking Socom won't let me log in. So, after hearing this, I decided to create a new name and find out what the heck he was talking about and by gosh it was some little punk that figured out my password. So, I'd love to have my old name back.
  6. Hey guys, Thanks for the compliments, but there is a ton more that has to be done to the site to get it fully operational. Your right about the fourms by the way Chili. Mechanical was it's name oh! With a bit of cusomization done to it, it'll be badass. Anyways, catch you guys on the flipside or in Black wichever one comes first. Take care. Hawk
  7. Make sure after you register, you have to check your e-mail to verify your e-mail address or you won't get access to the site. There are few people sitting in the moderator section that doesn't have access because they haven't verified their account within their e-mail address.
  8. Gentlemen, I just wanted to let you all know that if you come over to our site and don't have access, it's because we have a new forum and section to our site. So, if your stopping by you will have to re-register to say hello. So, with that said, we'll be seeing you all in the next up-coming Urgent Fury Tourney. Take care fellas and see you on the battlefield. P.S. Tow if this is against your forum policies, then I appologize in advance and you can take this off here. I just think this is the best way to reach out to all our friends. Take care everyone. Hawk
  9. Hey Goat, Yeah, I've been pretty busy as of late with working on upgrading our site a little bit, and jamming with the boys gets a little time consuming. Once everything is squared away, you'll definitely be seeing more of myself and Hollow dropping by. Were just gearing up for Socom and getting the clan ready to whoop some ass in some UF Tourney's if you know what I mean.....LOL Take care brother and talk with you soon Hawk
  10. Hey guys, I just wanted to hash out some things that you are all wondering. Hollow Ground did not split up or have any downfalls, there were some guys that really wanted to start their own thing and I'll never get mad or even hold a grudge against anyone that wants to do their own thing. So, with that said, I'm really happy for Mets, he's a good friend and was a great companion on the battlefield. So, on another note, like Mets said earlier, Hollow Ground is strictly a Socom based clan now and is no longer on Call of Duty or any other game at the present moment. So, if you want to get bloody on the good old battlefield of Socom you guys are more than welcome to hit us up. Take care everyone and like I've said a million and one times now, good luck with your venture Mets. Hawk
  11. Hawk

    Past UF Winners

    Sniper was the one that made that UF 1 Banner. So, I guess it was Nightfall or whatever it was. Anyways, having a trophy page would really be nice on this site. Take care fellas and just a week to go in the Sandbox and I'll be home. Hawk
  12. Hey guys, I'm still waiting on some feedback on this event. I really have to pre-plan these things because I travel overseas all the time and need the heads up. I'm not going to go somewhere for one day when theres a flight involved. Anyways, take care and see you guys in a few weeks. Gonna go play in the Sandbox for awhile. Hawk
  13. Hey guys, I might try and make an appearance as well. This only comes once a year if that, so I'm going to do my damnedest to show up. I have the Hollow Ground Convention in June, but as long I'm not going overseas or anything like that I'll be able to make it. It'll definitely be nice to thank not only the creators of this great tournament, but be nice to shake the hand and drink a beer with the creator of the Hollow Ground Site, which is pretty sick by the way. On a side note, when is everyone going to get there? I was thinking flying in on Friday night and leaving Sunday night. I'd at least like to know where a couple of guys are staying as well, so we can stumble back to our Hotel rooms in a pack. Anyways, take care guys and I'll keep you posted on my presence over there or not. Hawk
  14. Hey Deadly, Your correct on the roller coasters. They are the tallest and fastest in the world, so it should be a good time. Anyways, like Savage said in his previous post everyone is welcome to come. There will be alot of beer, thrill rides, and I'm sure alot of stupid stuff going on. Anyways, take care guys and hope to see some other faces then just Hollow members show up to say hello. Hawk AKA: Jay