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  1. I'm frustrated.... I like the game a lot as far as game play. The shooting, the weapons, grenade throwing, all cool with me. I even like most of the maps. All are challenging in there own way. The modes most of them I like. But I suck at the bomb squad one. Graphics- are really good. I bought BFBC2 a few weeks ago and thought something was wrong with my TV. Socom was all clear and colorful with lots of detail. Respawn side- This is where it start to piss me off. It's not a good respawn game compared to the other real respawn games out there. COD, BFBC. The goal in the respawn is spawn camp. There's players or kids that's all they can do. So I only can handle so much then I'm out so I try Classic. Classic- Is fun but the main problem with classic to me is having to play with randoms. Sometime I get into games with cool people. But most of the time it's people who had just come off of playing respawn so they try and play it like respawn. Every mode. Even the bomb squad one the guy in the suit he'll just Rambo it. Most do that.... Then other times I'll get into a game people are teamkilling or if you have a shitty round or your the last one. The Assholes start voting you. I remember that from the other Socoms. That's why I got into clans. Now the clan stuff... The clan war stuff work great... For at least getting all our guys to get together to play. But when you only have a few on the stupid Party System.... I think what it does is when your in a Party and go looking for a game to play it wants to put you up against other parties. Not random people. Because when I play alone I have no problem finding games. Only in the party system. The problems are frustrating and make me not want to play.... ------- Then whats going to happen in a few months. We have 2 maybe 3 games coming out that seem like there going to put the choke hold on the players. The biggest problems I have above seem to be solved with at least 2 of the games. Except the respawn crap. ----- Anyways I'm hot so I might be a little grouchy.
  2. hey guy.. i join the LADY clan. I love to play Black ops and mw2.. Cant wait for mw3 come out.. x_Peachy
  3. I was in Best Buy today buying a PS3 for my boy. I got on the subject of having my PS3 since the day they first released. The guy starts telling me that my PS3, in good working condition, is worth $600-$700. Then he tells me even if it's broke they're selling for $200. Anyone know this to be true or false?
  4. First of all, I must say, amazing site and boards ! I am a member of the Skull and Bones Clan, and have been getting told by xPUDDYTATx, and DJHaole ( Shane I beleive ) about this site quite a lot lately, so I decided to join the fun along ! I have been having a blast playing with you guys, so I figured I'd probably have a blast on here too. I ain't really all that good at talking about myself, so I wont, but, if anyone has any questions, just post up...
  5. Anyone else think this show is BS? I like big foot shows normally. I've watched 2 episodes and they always film something. But it with the heat sensor cameras. I know that would be a good way to find one but someone could also make one animated with a computer. So I'm calling it BS until they can film one without the heat camera. Also the Bobo guy I wouldn't believe anything that loaf told me.
  6. Make sure to read the opening sequence.
  7. What's up?!? New here and just wanted to say hi!
  8. This guy's Youtube channel has the single player campaign of SOCOM 4 from mission 1 to 14. http://www.youtube.com/user/RydarGames#p/u/8/0A1AF0fsEZ0
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyAUG0RmyD4 If this guy is so brilliant, why doesn't he do something that actually benefits humanity
  10. He has several pics that are flat out awesome. For a guy just getting into photography, he has an outstanding eye. And since it's my Brother in Law, that's real hard for me to say. lol http://jerrysphotos.us/
  11. We are so confused as to why when we do giveaways, no one wants free stuff, so here we go... We are going to do another contest and this is the last chance, here is the link... all the details are there. http://twtaway.com/c7xh24
  12. The video on the left is from MW2(duh) and the one from the right is a guy driving around an area in Vancouver, Washington. It’s amazing how picture perfect the level is in comparison to it’s real life counterpart. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTOyxsnMl0s&feature=player_embedded
  13. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38957020/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/ The guy is holding hostages and might have a bomb strapped to himself...crazy.
  14. c zambrano suspended indefinitely from the cubs 2 weeks ago, and lebron james is now property of the miami heat. not a single thread on either, and i SWEAR we at least have baseball fans here. in fact i believe there is a guy on the forums with a similar name to one of the above, lol. is this place dead, or did all the nba and mlb fans stop showing up?
  15. Hey everyone just wanted to say hi. I'll be on here a bit more in the coming days. Till then cya in our hell week
  16. Hulu - Family Guy: Quagmire's Dad - Watch the full episode now. http://www.hulu.com/embed/HxvIq_gN9T4-ZRK2c6Q1Eg
  17. I was sitting in class today when the guy next to me who is ex military decides to show me his knife which is this diesel ass thing that reminded me of a switch blade i was curious so i looked at the website and thought some of you guys here might like it http://www.microtechknives.com/home.html from what i understand these are some of the best knives in the world
  18. This story enrages me... http://www.fevermagazine.com/a/technology/2010/04/21/thief-steals-ipad.html ... the guy that lost his finger to the burglar didn't have a clue what he'd bought because it was a gift for a client from work. Thank God I work in corrections and see these scumbags get their just desserts.
  19. Family Guy: Peter plays MW2
  20. so some creepy satanist guy send me a message on facebook but my german isnt too good anyone mind helpin best i can get is wait 10 years for yellowstone park? hell if i kno Du solltest besser abwarten was die nächsten 10 Jahre bringen. Wirst es selbst kaum glauben können Wer oder Was deinen Arsch hochgehn lässt. soviel sei dir mal gesagt, im Yellow stone Park wird es bald erwachen
  21. i forgot who the police guy was around here but if u see this could you send me a pm please i need a little advice
  22. I know a guy that used to work for Slant Six, and now he works at United Front Games. So if any of you guys have questions about Socom, I'm sure he can answer them.
  23. So I received an email from a guy on SOCOM about a month ago. This guy and his clan were up to all types of shady stuff when we were playing against them. Right before I added him to my block list he sent me a message. Evidently it was the last message I have received. Now every time I log in and it says "you have received a message" I check my inbox, and it says "you have no messages" anyone have this problem? SONY has been no help thus far.

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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