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  1. Welcome Southpaw. I apologize that someone hasn't responded sooner. What games do the Mercs play?
  2. Congratulations to the Divine Knights for winning the first deployment of Aftershock. The Knights came out swinging from the beginning and were unrelenting in their pursuit of perfection. Tearing through the competition each and every round, they established their dominance in the Battlefield arena. They showed their preparedness by pummeling the competition with solid strategy and great teamwork. Divine Knights did a great job of switching up their game plans to keep their opponents guessing. They have set the bar extremely high for all future deployments, and are looking forward to defen
  3. Welcome to UF, Deadly. Hope to see you boys on the battlefield.
  4. Welcome to the UForums, Nadez. Hope to see you guys in the next deployment of the Aftershock tournament.
  5. Happy Birthday, Bandy!! I'm sorry I missed by a few days. I hope life is treating you well! Haven't had a chance to catch up lately. I hope you got some boobies slapped in your face for your birthday. That's all any guy could really ask for. LOL
  6. It's hard for me to get very excited for any game these days. The history of the franchise, or the developer doesn't matter. After all the BS gamers have endured over the last few years, it's near impossible to buy into anything they are selling. I was just talking about the severe decline in games from years past with a friend. Sure the graphics of games are better than ever before. That's about the only thing. You can buy virtually any game and beat it within a day or two. The gameplay is always lacking one thing or another. Over complicated interfaces that never seem to work as intende
  7. Well, I kind of take back my earlier statement. It seems that Conflict is the worst offender for server boots and lag issues. WHile the other game modes have them, it's much less frequent.
  8. Nice to see another BF3 clan ready to go to war. Welcome (back) to UF.
  9. Interesting indeed. I hope it works out. So many shooters these days are getting lots of stuff right, but just missing on key things. We can only hope. Blood, those mobile device games draw in huge cash. Not a bad way to get start up rolling.
  10. It's really a pretty stellar game. I finally got it and have been playing online the last few days. The biggest issues imo, are the host migration/lost connection problems, and the fact there is only one non-respawn game mode. In the games defense of the second point, it was designed to be respawn like BF is, I just would like to have seen more options.
  11. Welcome to the best cheat free online tournament community around! We look forward to seeing you guys in our tournaments. Our next deployment for Battlefield kicks off as soon as we finish the one we are currently running. Welcome again to UF.
  12. Aftershock is an invite event. You will have to wait until sign-ups open to submit an application. About 7 weeks. The Squad ladder, is an open ladder. You can enter a team anytime. I haven't checked in a bit, so I'm not sure if teams are using it right now. You can usually find a clan here to challenge while you are waiting for the next tournament.
  13. Nash. How have you been brother? I would have replied sooner, but I had this section collapsed like a dummy. Hope you find a good home. You know I always have spots for old school Socom guys.
  14. Welcome to UF, ROA. Make sure you look at the Aftershock section for BF3. We just started this deployment, and will have another starting a couple weeks after this one ends.