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  1. The Navys best recruitin video is the movie Top Gun........hahahahaha
  3. yea, 5 finger death punch is the shit. They are a bad ass rock band, theres not other way of describing them, I recommend them. They are touring with Korn, Rob Zombie and Lamb of God soon. I cannot wait til they get to PHX!!!
  4. I didnt do what was planned, instead, did it during a concert, during 5 Finger Death Punch. See?
  5. Nevermind, must be my game. Dont worry, I wont bother you guys anymore.
  6. The Cavs need a championship more than Santonio Holmes needs a lawyer hahahahahahaha. I think its their year to get one.........GO CAVS!!
  7. I had been busy for a while with life, tried playin SOCOM today and network initialization failure, you guys havin the same problems or have you? Thanks in advance.
  8. OH MY GOD!!!!! That is kinda scary, is that around the time frame of the beginning of the earthquakes? she may have cracked the earths crust! lol
  9. Not EVERY Penny Stock is a scam but if you dont do your research, you will get scammed, plain and simple. I am involved in Penny stocks and am up about a grand soooooooo, I wouldnt say they all are scams, you just need to find ones that are legit medical stocks, like CBAI.
  10. Anyone who says that they wouldnt like to be on this show is lying through their teeth, well, on this site anyways. Id love to have the opportunity to be a PLAYSTATION GAME TESTER AND MAKE MONEY FOR IT. Imagine, gettin paid to do what we do already and spend more time with our loved ones....lets be realistic and not try to look "cool" cuz youd be on a reality TV show and youd never do that
  11. I had heard some very disturbing things about Marine......things that may be true, but I dont know, but its not worth saying on here because it absolutely made me sick.......Good Luck Marauder, most xSOTG guys dont want to be a part of something that has too many cheifs and not enough Indians. Look at \H/.....perfect example.....we turned into that, know why? Because thats what people from SOTG were used to, if you want to create something good with that name, start from scratch and make it your own, if you follow what they had, it may end very ugly. Good Luck......
  12. In a memory of Hollow Ground.....
  13. How was that Rose Bowl? I really loved it, NOBODY gave us a chance and we did exactly what everyone thought we couldnt. Slow down a great Offense and let loose Terrelle Pryor, I hope you guys liked whats to come next year........GO BUCKEYES!!