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  1. This game is going to be sweet! I can't wait to get it.
  2. You know I don't post on these forums much even though I've been in them since socom 3, but Wing-628 I don't see any trash talking done by CritiKiL here. He's basically quoting you, you came to me as well and said all theses things you're being quoted on right in front of potential recruits for SCK. There is no loyalty and respect in the things that you said.
  3. Sucks to see you guys closing the doors but I'm sure we will get our type of game one day... i2IDIUM Thanks for the link to the site. Looks really interested.
  4. Congratulations guys! Excited to see the Rangers again! EDIT: We will have some milk and cookies for you guys
  5. Sorry wasn't able to answer your question, computer broke but just got one today. I'm in Orlando just minutes away from Universal Studios.
  6. What's up Gamers, Some of you might know me and some of you might not but I'm shot, from Florida. Currently in charge of the Battlefield 3 Roster for Clan Killas Online Gaming. Always had been a fan of Urgent Fury but never got the chance to get into the community/forums because of playing the crap out of games, If any of you want to play some Battlefield 3, MW3, or even Socom Confrontation, feel free to add me Shot_78 <---PSN Shot78
  7. Circle Nine has 2 severs at this moment. ( You can find both easily by typing the word " Circle " )
  8. It was awesome!